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The importance of choosing data centers for companies

In recent years, different organizations have sought to join the digital transformation in order to continue with their businesses. Many of them recognize that it is essential that their technological infrastructures be housed in data centers, a place where the computing soul of any company converges.

There are several IT trends worldwide that are conditioning the contracting of data centers, since they are the ones that have guaranteed the continuity of companies by making information available at all times, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. According to data obtained from Gartner, the investment that will be made this year 2022 in IT will exceed four trillion dollars worldwide, that is, 5.5% more than in the year 2021.

“Recruitment in data centers had a significant increase during the first quarter of 2021, breaking a global investment record reaching 100 billion, and according to the latest data published by Global Market Insights researchers, it is expected that in the In the coming years, its value will continue to increase at a rate of 15% between 2021 and 2027”, explained Santiago Suinaga, director of KIO Data Center Services.

It is important for companies and businesses to be cautious when choosing a data center provider. For this reason, Suinaga lists some recommendations that companies should consider when contracting the services of a data center:

● High availability:

It is the ability to guarantee the continuity of services, even in critical situations. That is why it is important that companies choose an ally that has certifications and that demonstrates high availability in all its services, especially in energy and

cooling. Also, it must be ensured that IT infrastructures are highly resilient and cared for. In addition to this, redundancy is a concept that we must take into account since it refers to all the components that allow its operation to not be interrupted under any circumstances.

● Safety and Efficiency:

We live in a different reality, that is why the security factor becomes more relevant when choosing a data center, which must have the capacity to offer the servers a perfect environment so that it works continuously, fail-safe, guaranteeing that the information and data of the company will be available and secure at all times. Data centers have become the center of all modern industries, which is why security measures must be advanced, guaranteeing functionality, even in extraordinary situations.

● Digital ecosystem:

A top-tier data center is one whose ecosystem is thriving with services and business partners, so it is important to verify that within the infrastructure in which the company wants to host, there is this ecosystem of robust clients with which they can interconnect. thus facilitating the operations of your company. It is important to know the type of clients that a Data Center serves, since several clients from the financial sector, retail and other industries may be hosted, which makes interconnection within the same Data Center for local transactions very attractive. that significantly reduce latency and the cost of telecommunications. A very efficient transactional ecosystem is created where the different users connect with each other in a transparent and agile way.

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