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The victim was contacted by the detainee, who made her a job offer to work in Brazil, however, she was deceived and forced to have sexual relations with different men without receiving any remuneration. She was rescued by the Florianopolis Federal Police.

Prosecutor Vivian Coronel, in her capacity as head of the Specialized Unit in the Fight against Trafficking in Persons and Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents, charged Marcos Duarte Sosa (39) with the alleged punishable act of transgression of Law 4788/ 12 “Comprehensive against human trafficking”. The criminal process against the accused is in the form of recruiter.

According to the investigation, on July 4, 2022, in the city of Hernandarias, Duarte Sosa would have contacted the victim, a young woman identified with the initials MPA (19), via cell phone, in order to offer her a job as a domestic worker in the city of Guaporanga, state of Santa Catarina (Brazil), with the promise of receiving a good salary.

The woman accepted the proposal and was taken under deception by a couple, to the aforementioned Brazilian town, in a private car. However, when she arrived at her destination, the victim was taken to a whorehouse, where she was forced to have sexual relations with different men without receiving any remuneration.

The complaint was filed by the victim’s uncle, who stated that on July 6, the young woman contacted him and told him that she was in the Brazilian city of Guaporanga and that she would be a victim of the alleged punishable act of trafficking. of people.

Then, on July 11, the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office was informed that the compatriot was rescued by the Federal Police of Florianópolis and would be transferred to Foz de Yguazú for later transfer to Ciudad del Este.

Finally, on July 12, the victim was handed over by the Paraguayan consul in Foz, Luis Copari, and was taken to the Public Ministry accompanied by a family member.

Once at the prosecutor’s office, MPA confirmed having been a victim of human trafficking and accused the suspect as the one who had contacted him for the trip. Subsequently, the prosecutor Vivian Coronel ordered the imputation of the accused, who is being held in police custody.

The representative of the Public Ministry requested the Criminal Court of Guarantees the application of preventive detention, considering the seriousness of the act presumably committed.

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