The Hollywood actors’ strike would bring disastrous effects to the entertainment industry

The Hollywood actors' strike would bring disastrous effects to the entertainment industry

July 12, 2023, 11:16 AM

July 12, 2023, 11:16 AM

Hollywood actors are anxiously awaiting their union’s decision on whether or not to go on strike in the US summer, a key season for the industry with the usual release of blockbuster movies. In case there is no fix the effects on the entertainment industry would paralyze everythingor, as in the Covid-19 pandemic, the specialized media assure.

The Screen Actors Union (SAG-AFTRA) extended its collective contract in agreement with the studios, who even They have asked for help from federal mediators to help unravel the discussion about wages and other benefits.

Meanwhile, more than 1,700 high-profile actors, including names like Meryl Streep, Charlize Theron, Joaquin Phoenix, Jamie Lee Curtis, Pedro Pascal and Jennifer Lawrencehave sent a letter to the union’s negotiating team in which they describe this negotiation as “an unprecedented turning point”. And they warn that although nobody wants to go on strike, “They are prepared to do so if the need arises,” reports El Periódico de España

If the parties do not reach an agreement by Wednesday midnight in Los Angeles (7:00 GMT on Thursday), when the extension expires, the actors will join the scriptwriters who have been sitting idle for more than two months, on pickets, on the outskirts of the studios.

The consequences are already felt

The effects of the writers’ strike, which is already over the second month, have already been felt. SScores of filming of series and movies have been paralyzed as “Separation”Stranger Things” either “Cobra Kai”ongoing projects such as the adaptation of Metropolis have been canceled that Sam Esmail was preparing for Apple TV + and Disney has suspended the premieres of the Star Wars saga, the sequel to Avar and Marvel films

But if the actors’ union joins this strike, the Affected productions will cross their borders and the filming of series that have been able to continue for now, such as “The house of the dragon”, “Industry”, “The rings of power”, “Slow Horses”.

Also any other international series or film featuring an American actor in its cast, regardless of where it is shot, so it would affect big productions like “Gladiators 2″ either “Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment Part 2,” says the El Periódico report.

Fair As the industry tries to recover from the hard years of the pandemic, The stoppage could also prevent stars from promoting some of the highly anticipated summer releases, such as Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer,” whose US red carpet is scheduled for next Monday in New York.

Absences at San Diego Comic-Con

Comic-Con, the world’s massive comic book party taking place in San Diego next week, It could also run out of stars. Sony, Disney, Lucasfilm, Universal Pictures, Netflix, HBO, Marvel, Warner Bros. and DC Studios are some of the main studios that have announced that they will not be present at this year’s panelsan important appointment to promote their productions.

ANDSo much so that the red carpet that was due to take place this weekend at Disneyland to launch the new movie “Haunted Mansion” could be reduced to a “private event with fans.”

Such is the concern in the city of tinsel, that the heads of the powerful agencies that take care of the talents They have placed themselves at the command of the union leaders to help in negotiations.

SAG, which brings together 160,000 artistsapproved in advance a weight action in the absence of agreement.

While the writers’ strike has drastically reduced the number of movies and shows in production, a paralyzation of the actors could reduce them almost completely.

Some reality, talk and animation shows may continue.

Fox on Tuesday announced a fall programming schedule loaded with reality series and game shows, such as “Kitchen Nightmares” and “Lego Masters.”

But drama series and other programs that were due to return to television this year will face delays. And if the strikes spread, future blockbuster productions will also be put on hiatus.

Until the Emmy Awardsscheduled for September 18, could be postponed to november or even stay for next year. An actors’ strike would imply a boycott of the ceremony by the stars.

If both sides leave the table, it would be the first time that Hollywood actors and screenwriters they would go on strike simultaneously since 1960when Ronald Reagan, actor and future president of the United States, led an action that eventually forced the studios to back down.

Like the scriptwriters, the actors demand higher wages to face inflation, as well as guarantees for their future.

Another income of the artists are the “residuals”. These payments made each time the networks air a movie or show in which they starred are particularly useful when actors are between projects.

But today, platforms like Netflix and Disney+ keep statistics about the viewing of their shows under lock and key, and offer the same rate for everything they stream in their catalogues, regardless of their popularity.

Clouding the picture further is the issue of artificial intelligence (AI). Both actors and screenwriters want guarantees that its future use will be regulatedbut studios have so far refused to budge.

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