Live|  Debate: Candidates for the primaries present their vision of the country

Live| Debate: Candidates for the primaries present their vision of the country

In the Aula Magna of the UCAB, the debate “The candidates speak” takes place in which 8 of the candidates for the opposition primaries participate. Francisco Coello, organizer of the event, said that the candidates will probably discuss or argue on some issues, but it is part of the political and democratic activity

In the Aula Magna of the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB), the debate “The candidates speak” is taking place, in which 8 of the 13 candidates for the primaries participate to choose the unitary standard-bearer of the opposition on October 22.

the sociologist Francisco Coello, organizer of the debate, highlighted that the work of the Mercedes Pulido Chair takes on a new level with this initiative. «These days someone said that why debate if that is going to divide us. I believe that debating is the essence of democracy,” she pointed out.

Coello said that, in the development of the debate this Wednesday, July 12, the candidates will probably discuss or argue about some issues, but it is part of the political and democratic activity. The candidates Andrés Velásquez (La Causa R), Carlos Prosperi (Democratic Action), Freddy Superlano (Popular Will), María Corina Machado (Vente Venezuela), Delsa Solórzano (Citizen Meeting), Andrés Caleca (Independiente), Tamara Adrián (United for Dignity) and César Pérez Vivas (Concertation for Change).

When asked, what do they have to say to Venezuela? Andrés Velásquez (La Causa R) pointed out. It’s not just any debate. “We are in a dictatorship. I qualify this as the first step to recover democracy.

During the debate, Carlos Prosperi (Acción Democrática) said that this is the first step to resolve the differences. “The enemy of the people of Venezuela has been entrenched in Miraflores for 24 years.”

Freddy Superlano (Popular Will) pointed out: «My colleagues and I have come to provide a vision of the country we dream of, but it can stay there. It must be a catalytic activity to bring about change.”

Likewise, María Corina Machado (Vente Venezuela) said at the beginning of the debate: «I want to dedicate my words to young people. Believe guys that we are going to achieve change, this is a spiritual fight.

Delsa Solórzano (Citizen Meeting) maintained, for her part, that “we are convinced that this must be a campaign of ideas, where there is an offer from each candidate. We have a campaign command that has created three fundamental axes: economic recovery, justice and institutional reconstruction of the country so that there are full guarantees of human rights.

In his speech, Andrés Caleca (independent) said: “We are in the presence of a formidable enemy, who has no qualms about using the weapons of the Republic and the nation’s treasury to stay in power in the midst of a humanitarian emergency. They have the weapons but not the votes, that is where we must fight. We come more than to debate, to talk with my colleagues ».

For Tamara Adrián (United for Dignity), «Venezuela does not need politicians, Venezuela needs statesmen. Politicians look for small profits. Every one of the people here have upgraded their context from politicians to statesmen. We know that we are not in a democratic context, however, we must sneak into the democratic interstices that remain.

César Pérez Vivas (Concertación Ciudadana) indicated: «I am the gocho number eight that is going to reach the presidency and I come to ratify you the government program. I come today to tell Venezuela that if we can unite in a single movement that guarantees hope and change.


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