The hearing began to debate the new gas rate table

The hearing began to debate the new gas rate table

The carriers proposed increases with an impact of up to 10.6% on the final rate

The gas transport companies presented this Wednesday their proposals for an increase that would have a variable impact of up to 10.6% on the rate paid by users, according to the presentations made at public hearing 102 called by Enargas.

The carriers were the first to speak at the hearing, after the introduction made by the general manager of the Entity, Osvaldo Pitrau, who pointed out that the hearing “is not a space for decision” but for the presentation of proposals that “will be duly weighted” at the time of fixing the new tariff values.

Likewise, he recalled that what is being debated is within the framework of “a tariff transition period”, with a view to “reaching a definitive negotiation agreement” with the companies providing the service.

Both TGN (Transportadora de gas del Norte) and TGS (Transportadora de Gas del Sur) highlighted in their presentations the disparity between the rate variation, frozen since March 2019, and that of wholesale prices, which since then and until November of 2021 had an increase of 205%.

Guillermo Cánovas, on behalf of TGN, requested a temporary increase in the transport rate of 87.4%, which represents between 4.6% and 10.6% for the residential end user depending on the area of ​​the country.

“This increase is equivalent to a third of what would apply under the comprehensive rate review,” TGN said.

For his part, Rubén de Muria, from TGS, proposed an adjustment in two stages, with an 80% increase in the transport rate starting in March and 25% starting in September.

In this regard, he indicated that Transportation has a 12% share in the final rate paid by the user, and gave as an example that a Metrogas customer with an average consumption of 220m3/year should face an average increase of 38 pesos per month in the first stage and 22 pesos in the second.

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