The hearing against Tarija authorities is suspended for the second time due to the November strike

The hearing against Tarija authorities is suspended for the second time due to the November strike

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For the second time, the hearing of precautionary measures against the governor of Tarija, Oscar Montes, was suspended; the mayor of the capital, Johnny Torres; the president of the Civic Committee, Adrián Ávila, the leader of the motor transport, Gabriel Pérez, and the civic members Sebastián and Óscar Sanabria Ortega.

All of them are prosecuted for the alleged crime of public instigation to commit a crime due to the strike that was installed in that region, in November 2021, in rejection of the Law Against the Legitimation of Illicit Gains.

The complaint was filed on November 11 by the executive of the Single Trade Union Federation of Rural Communities of Tarija (FSUCCT), Aldo Velásquez.

Law 1386 on the National Strategy to Fight the Legitimation of Illicit Profits was repealed on November 16 after a strike by various sectors, including merchants, carriers and civic groups in different departments of the country.

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“The virtual hearing began at 8:30 and has been suspended in the sense that the Public Ministry would not have been notified of the incidents presented by Gabriel Pérez and the brothers Sebastián and Óscar Sanabria Ortega,” reported the plaintiff’s lawyer.

The jurist reported that the hearing was rescheduled for Friday at 8:30 in the morning. For the plaintiff, the November strike constituted an attack against health and was an “uprising” against the national government.

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“That has constituted, for us, in the first place, an attack against health because they have not allowed minors, fathers, mothers to go and get vaccinated. Second, it is a crime of sedition, they have ignored a legally constituted government and have risen up publicly in order to oppose compliance with decrees and laws,” said the lawyer for the peasant leader Velásquez.

Those mentioned have rejected the complaint and assured that the lawsuit is part of a political persecution plan. The Tarijeño governor pointed to the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS).

“They want to harm us politically, they want to silence us, intimidate us and submit us, we are not going to allow that. Our only sin is having beaten the MAS candidates,” declared the Tarijeño governor.

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