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The health of fruits, vegetables and pocket

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“The square is supplied with all farm products,” Chiesa told EL ECO when asked about the situation in the sector. “There is an abundant supply of smaller-sized fruits that were affected by the drought.” And the producers who had access to water harvested “good size fruit. For example, apple production in the San José area, where the Raigón aquifer is located, is “large”.

The green leaf thing

Vegetables, and fundamentally “the green leafy ones have a good production, they recover quickly, they have a very good supply, their prices have dropped. In itself, all the leafy products are at good prices”, remarked Chiesa.

Costs and import

Except for the traditionally exotic that is imported, “of everything that is farm production there is no shortage. A few months ago we had to import carrots and potatoes, now they are on the national market.” And he recalled that in some past harvest the potato “reached 200 pesos a bag, the perfect recipe for a potato to be founded, at least to tie and cover its costs, it needs 500 or 600 pesos a bag, a reasonable value, The same thing happens in the apple and in the pear. Currently there are acceptable values ​​for everything,” said the MGAP agronomist.

Of what is produced in the country “we have everything, perhaps in the coming months there will be a need to import onions, squash and zucchini” if it does not reach what is harvested in Uruguay.


The strong offer begins in July and “it will be good and abundant. We hope it will have good exports, freight prices have dropped and this year’s harvest is better, compared to the previous one, which was not good and international prices were complicated.”

abandon earth

Although the drought persists, last season “it hit the farmer, the dairyman, the farmer, everyone has had to be creative to continue producing. We are making every effort from the MGAP so that no producer is left on the road,” said the chief.

When asked if there are farmers who have abandoned the land due to the crisis, he said that “we have elderly producers and many times the children do not follow the line, that’s when they lower the curtain and retire.”

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