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FANB evacuates more than four thousand miners from natural spaces

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FANB evacuates more than four thousand miners from natural spaces

The Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) evacuated more than four thousand miners, in the state of Amazonas, with means of water, land and air transportation. The procedure is part of Operation Autana 2023, as reported by the Operational Strategic Commander of the FANB, (CEOFANB), G / J Domingo Hernández Lárez on his social networks.

The General in Chief explained that the “practice of mining in national parks, forest reserves and areas considered security under the Special Administration Regime, is illegal in Venezuela.”

Hernández Lárez outlined that currently one of the strategic operations called “Autana Bolivarian Shield 2023” has been deployed in the Yapacana National Park in respect of national sovereignty, where all criminal structures that predator nature have been dismantled and destroyed. The authority referred to the voluntary evacuation of citizens who were spending the night on Cerro Yapacana, an area protected by the Venezuelan State for being a national park.

He indicated that “all Venezuelans must comply with the constitutional duty to protect the environment and ecosystems as a means to contribute to the preservation of life on the planet.”

He explained that the miners “have been voluntarily evacuated with the conviction of respect for the laws, and their compliance as a fundamental part of the protection of our geographic spaces according to territorial ordering.”

In the eighth edition of the Con Maduro + program, last week, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, pointed out that two thousand illegal miners have been evicted, as part of the Voluntary Evacuation Plan of Operation Autana 2023.

The Head of State congratulated the CEOFANB, the work team, the General Staff of the Operational Strategic Command and the troops that are deployed throughout the country, with the objective of defending the national territory.


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