The great dates in the life of Carlos III

The great dates in the life of Carlos III

May 6, 2023, 10:56 AM

May 6, 2023, 10:56 AM

The coronation of Carlos III consecrates a man whose life was a long wait, full of crises and passions. He became crown prince at the age of 3, king at 73 after the death of Elizabeth II and his coronation takes place this Saturday, at the age of 74.

These are some of the main dates that have marked his life:

– November 14, 1948: Carlos Felipe Arturo Jorge of Edinburgh was born in Buckingham Palace, eldest son of Princess Elizabeth and second in succession to the British throne.

– February 6, 1952: his grandfather, George VI, dies, and his mother becomes Queen Elizabeth II. At the age of 3, Carlos becomes heir to the throne.

– April 1962: He enters Gordonstoun Boarding School in Scotland.

– July 1, 1969: appointed Prince of Wales in a televised ceremony at Caernarfon Castle.

– 1970: graduated from the University of Cambridge.

– 1971-1976: after a brief romance with Camilla Shard, the prince joins the Royal Navy. She married Andrew Parker Bowles in July 1973.

– 1977: Carlos meets Diana Spencerthen 16 years old, while dating her older sister Sarah Spencer.

– February 24, 1981: the engagement of Carlos, 31, with Diana, 19, is announced.

– July 29, 1981: the couple gets married in a ceremony held in London’s St Paul’s Cathedral, watched by some 750 million viewers worldwide. Diana becomes Princess of Wales.

– June 21, 1982: Prince William is born.

– September 15, 1984: Prince Harry is born.

– December 9, 1992: Carlos officially separates from Diana. The divorce will be pronounced on August 28, 1996.

– August 31, 1997: Diana dies in a car accident in Paris while being chased by papparazzi. Carlos insists that she be buried with royal honors.

– April 9, 2005: he marries the woman with whom he has been in love for years and with whom he had a scandalous extramarital affair, Camilla Parker Bowles, at the Windsor town hall.

– April 29, 2011: his son Guillermo marries Kate Middleton, now known as Catherine, Princess of Wales.

– May 19, 2018: accompany Meghan Markle, whose father is absent, at the altar to marry his son Enrique.

– March 7, 2020: Enrique lashes out at his father in a television interview from the United States, where he moved with Meghan after leaving the monarchy at the beginning of 2020. The prince accuses Carlos of being suffocated by tradition.

– April 9, 2021: he loses his father, Prince Felipe, who passed away almost a centenary.

– September 8, 2022: his mother dies, Queen Elizabeth II, surrounded by her family at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. As heir he automatically becomes king with the name of Carlos III.

– September 10, 2022: he is officially proclaimed monarch in a traditional but sober ceremony at London’s St James’s Palace, opening a new chapter in the British monarchy.

– December 6, 2023: a young man throws an egg at her without reaching it, during a visit on the outskirts of London. It is the start of a protest movement that will see more eggs thrown in the direction of the monarch, with protesters holding banners saying: “He is not my king.”

– January 11, 2023: Prince Harry’s memoir goes on saleentitled “In the shadow” in Spanish, where he criticizes the attitude of members of the royal family, including the king, whom he accuses of joking with the fact that he might not be his real father.

– May 6, 2023: he is crowned, with his wife Camila, before some 2,000 guests at Westminister Abbey in London, during a simplified and modernized ceremony.

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