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The Governor’s Kidnapping

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Utama, a mirror we need to look at

December 29, 2022, 4:00 AM

December 29, 2022, 4:00 AM

Like Governor Leopoldo Fernandez, in Pando in 2008, Luis Fernando Camacho, Governor-elect of Santa Cruz, was kidnapped today; the issue is part of the repressive agenda of the dictatorship in Bolivia and its obsession with ending the symbol of freedom, democracy and the rebellious department of Santa Cruz.

I am talking about kidnapping, not detention, because they have not been shown an arrest warrant, it has not been a regular operation, they have not been official vehicles of the National Police, they have been undercover vehicles, with civilians and some hooded men operating in irregular shape; That is the procedure of every dictatorial government.

If there was anything left of the rule of law in Bolivia, because the Government kept certain forms, with this kidnapping it ended, Arce has decided the hard line that Nicolás Maduro adopted at the time in Venezuela, and that Daniel Ortega does in Nicaragua, it was foreseeable the greater the economic crisis, the more repression, more defenselessness and more attacks on Santa Cruz, which is the last bastion of resistance to the dictatorship.

Only the people in the streets will recover democracy, only the firmness of democratic leaders can stop the repressive wave of the Government, today it is not about Camacho, it is about the freedom of all, of those who lead some political group, of the who have some elective aspiration in the next elections, of those who yearn for some political, civic, institutional or trade union position in the country.

I hope they understand throughout Bolivia that the resistance should not only take place in Santa Cruz, that the people of La Paz do not allow their department to become a prison for all democratic resistance, that today all Bolivians who yearn to live in freedom are Camacho, what Otherwise it will be to resign oneself to living in a dictatorship with an electoral farce and deprived of the most beautiful thing in the world, freedom.

Let’s take to the streets throughout Bolivia, let’s force the dictatorship to release Camacho and all the political prisoners, stop the persecution, let the exiles return.

Today the fight must be for a general and unrestricted amnesty that allows the reunion of all Bolivians so that together we can recover democracy, justice and freedom.

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