If you will travel during this time, prepare your pocket: the most expensive tolls

If you will travel during this time, prepare your pocket: the most expensive tolls

During vacation times, it is common for several Colombian families go to enjoy their rest to other cities in the country and that these trips are made by road.

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However, beyond enjoyment, car trips in Colombia have their ‘buts’: one of them is that the country is one of those in Latin America with the highest number of tolls, with about 180 (174 in total).

Of these, 147 are administered by the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI) and for him National Institute of Roads (Invías). The other 34 are managed by the district, departmental or municipal governments, as appropriate.

Take into account that the tolls have as financial functionality the maintenance and repair of roads. However, its cost is the center of criticism.

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Road trips.


‘Top’ five most expensive tolls in the country

In the first place is the toll of Pinpiral, of the Bogotá – Villavicencio road, which has a value of $20,000 for category I cars.

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Second is the toll tunnel of the eastvia Medellin – Rionegro, which has a value of $19,900 for vehicles of the same category. It is followed by the San Cristobal toll, via Medellin – Santa Fe de Antioquiawhich It has a cost of $18,100.

In the fourth position is the toll of Palmitas, Via Medellino – Santa Fe de Antioquia, which has a value of $16,200. And in the last place is the Marahuaco tollvia Cartagena – Barranquilla, which costs $15,200.

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