The Government works on vehicle labeling and ACAU supports the initiative

The Government works on vehicle labeling and ACAU supports the initiative

The Government is working to establish mandatory labeling on vehicles, as it exists today for household appliances or food, the Automotive Trade Association of Uruguay encourages this initiative.

The Automotive Trade Association of Uruguay (ACAU) said it encouraged the initiative of the Executive Power that seeks to label vehicles according to their emissions.

“The transport sector is a sector of interest and great potential to advance in actions to reduce energy demand and therefore in reducing emissions of polluting gases, being responsible for approximately 70% of the demand for petroleum derivatives (of petroleum origin). imported) and 60% of CO2 emissions from the country’s energy sector,” the institution said.

Given this situation, labeling according to the energy efficiency of light vehicles “is a tool that provides truthful information to consumers to consider energy performance when purchasing a vehicle.” In addition, other policies may be implemented based on the energy performance of each unit.

Fundamental Principles

ACAU received the draft of the certification guide and the documents on the subject, which were analyzed and in which the contributions considered pertinent were made based on what they consider “fundamental principles”.

The institution stated that “after analyzing the documents, it provides its criteria and suggestions based on the experience of its partners and taking into account the comparative legislation based on the fundamental principles” that are detailed.

“Simplify the procedures without affecting the guarantees of the process; do not duplicate procedures and adapt procedures in case there are some that already exist; avoid costs if these are unnecessary; and avoid transferring the experience of other products that respond to a reality different from that of the automotive industry”.

The Association concludes by noting that “it will surely take time to implement the aforementioned labeling, but we see the initiative as positive, which will bring not only a benefit to the consumer but also to Uruguay.”

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