The Government will allocate $27 million for the Solidarity Employment program that will begin next March

The Vice Minister of Labor and Labor Development, Roger Tejada, announced that this February it is planned to complete the development of a platform so that the beneficiaries of the Panama Solidarity Plan can enroll in the Solidarity Employment program.

“To be beneficiaries of Solidarity Employment you must be within the registered plan, not in June but in December of last year, which should have been in the database and from then on there will be a bag, a platform that we are launching, that is It will end in the month of February, there you will be able to register if you are a beneficiary of the plan, ”said Tejada on the Radiography program.

He explained that the payment of wages will be covered by the National Government through the company. It has a budget of B /. 27 million to face the Solidarity Employment project, which will come into force as of March and will be valid until the duration of the new Panama Solidarity Plan, that is, until June 2022, that is, the program will be tied to this plan.

After that date, the budget situation will be analyzed and whether or not the Panama Solidarity Plan will be extended for another six months.

“It starts in the month of March, we finished last week preparing the regulations for the project, this is already at the standard level, it is in Article 13 of Decree 11, it does not have to go to the Assembly and we are working on the regulations . Right now we are in a consultation process starting to be able to have the companies that are interested”, said Tejada.

In addition, on the platform it will be possible to see the companies that are within the platform, which he clarified, must be Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) that do not have the resources to contract, then said contracting will be covered by the National Government to through the Solidarity Employment program.

“The company will also appear in this employment exchange connected to the platform, only micro and small companies, companies that have not been convicted, that do not have a deal with the Government, they are companies that are beaten, that need to hire, have one worker, but they need to hire another worker but they do not have the economic capacity, the Government is going to invest, the Government is going to have B/.900.00 per worker per company and in this case it will be determined if it is going to be one or two ( workers), that based on the budget studies, (the Government) pays the salary to the worker but through the company”, he explained.

He pointed out that the companies will be in charge of choosing the people they will hire based on the capacity, talent and profile they will have on the platform within the plan and it is estimated that about 30 thousand citizens will benefit.

“It is a public policy and it has been generated from ideas that we extracted from Conep, from the Chamber (of Commerce)… We believe that we are going to benefit 30,000 people, it cannot be 100,000, 30,000 beneficiaries in the first phase plan , we have been pointing out that we need to generate 50,000 jobs this year, in order to reach what it was, we have 11.1% and we want to reach 9 or 7.1% that we found in 2019 minimally, it is the challenge for this year 2022, for that We must generate 50,000 jobs directly and that is what we are looking for with this initiative,” said the deputy minister.

He added that the Ministry of Labor, the Authority for Government Innovation and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry will filter the companies that will participate in the program.

“With a team that we have had to establish and design so that it can review the situation of the companies, because a company is going to come that has the need, but another company may come that is going to seek to take advantage of it because it is a direct injection to the payroll of a company, and somehow we have established some parameters that we are going to review… the budget that has been set for B/. 27 million generates the coverage of 30,000 beneficiaries, hopefully when this is achieved and we can insert these 30,000 Panamanians and the program has been successful, we can have a larger budget to be able to continue helping companies, because we know that there are not 30,000 unemployed exist in the Republic of Panama”, he remarked.

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