The Government fails to convince La Paz to agree to carry out the Census in 2024

The Government fails to convince La Paz to agree to carry out the Census in 2024

August 18, 2022, 0:23 AM

August 18, 2022, 0:23 AM

The Government failed to convince the municipality of La Paz so that the realization of the Census in 2024 is agreed, from where it was admitted that the municipality of La Paz advanced in its cartographic work, work that was not developed in the rest of the municipalities. Mayor Iván Arias said that now the technicians from the INE and the municipality must start working.

“This was a meeting not only of socialization, but of dialogue. We have listened, they have listened to us, we have discussed, we have responded and that is the role. On issues of dates, we have preferred that, as we had agreed with the president (Luis Arce) in the meeting we had with the mayors of the nine capitals, that this be defined technically, We have not come to sign for the date”, Arias reiterated at the end of the meeting.

The meeting of the ‘technical table’ It started at approximately 3:30 p.m. and ended after 11:00 p.m.. They arrived at the main building of the National Institute of Statistics (INE) the Minister of Planning, Sergio Cusicanqui; the mayor of La Paz, Iván Arias, the technical team; the rector of the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (UMSA), Oscar Heredia; the executive of the FAM, Rodrigo Puerta; the presidential spokesman, Jorge Richter; as well as representatives of Amdepaz.

Minister Cusicanqui said that there advances in terms of cartographic updating and the census ballot, “The municipality of La Paz presented the basic cartography of the municipality with the aim of contributing to the process”, indicates the third point of the minutes of the meeting.

The authority recognized that the situation of the different municipalities in the department is not the same because there are municipalities that have information as is the case of the city, but there are also municipalities that do not have updated cadastral information.

The document signed at night does not establish dates or the possibility of advancing the Census, although the presidential spokesman, Jorge Richter, said that the schedule presented by the Government has the dates designed and that this route leads to the completion of this survey between May and June 2024.

Arias had denounced that they wanted to force him to sign a document that sets 2024 as the year of the Census and the presence of the Mayoress of El Alto at the meeting seemed suspicious when she had already met with the Government in her municipality the day before.

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