"The government announces what is going to be announced" but does not solve "the underlying problems"

“The government announces what is going to be announced” but does not solve “the underlying problems”

“Sometimes what is going to be announced is announced”, there is an “excess of announcements” that “do not solve the underlying problems” and there are even times that “silence helps more than the announcement”.

Three discursive variants used by the Mayor of Canelones Yamandú Orsi, to set his position on the recent economic announcements made by President Luis Lacalle Pou together with his economic team.

Orsi said that there are “the big knobs, to put it in some way” of the economy, but also “there is the economy in the territory, the one that one sees, the one that one more or less understands when one is not an economist or a professional, and that is obviously where they are things happening that worry us.” He recalled that before the Tourism Week, the Municipality of Canelones (IC) enabled the neighborhood stores to divide up various products. And he did it after a request from Cambadu.

The communal chief explained that the inspection body of the Intendancy of Canelones (IC) had to sanction if any non-permitted product was divided. That is why Cambadu’s proposal was heeded.

“A merchant told us that there are people who live alone and who have limited income and who suddenly buy 50 grams of some product and don’t buy half a kilo. I, who was a grocer and who still knows how to handle butcher paper, stirs me up, we live our whole lives in that world. What has changed is that today everything comes packaged, and the bromatological measures are much more rigorous and our inspection services are increasingly specialized”, he explained.

“We have seen large surfaces flourish throughout the department, large supermarkets (but) the neighborhood store is the one that suddenly solves the specific situation of the neighbors with the passbook, on credit. It is not the solution for the economic situation, it never wanted to be that and it will not be, but rather it accompanies a process such as what the government took out of meat, barbecue at a different price, etc. We all recognize that it is necessary to do something because the issue of prices has become complicated, we are aware that there has been a reduction in real wages, that there has been a fall in real wages and that we must find a way around it to reverse it. The national government made some decisions or at least announced that for July there will be some special increases, the economic outlook changed and all the commentators came out, not only the politicians but also the economic consultants and there you have all kinds of signs”, said

Immediately, Orsi said that “one of the criticisms” that he makes to this national government “is that it seems to me that the advertisements are abused. This is an announcement of what is going to be done and at the same moment an announcement appears and they begin to discuss the re-election of the president and the next day an announcement and another announcement and another announcement that at certain moments of the situation of the society and the country the capable silence that helps more than the announcement”.

The Canarian mayor said that the government and the ministers “are working. But as we always keep in mind that what is happening is what was announced and we do not see that there are other things that are happening day by day that need quick solutions or our attention and you cannot be distracted. Sometimes the excess of advertising is distracting and we start talking about things that are suddenly not the most important or that do not solve the underlying problems, ”he said.

In Orsi’s opinion, from what he read from “some economist, not only from the left, is that the measures that would have to be taken would have to be much more focused on certain sectors of society, certain strata of society, for example the childhood issue, etc.

Orsi refused to get involved “in that controversy. What is real is that we usually get up and find ourselves with an announcement of what is going to happen or sometimes it is even announced that it is going to be announced, so it seems to me that we should all call each other to lower the ball to the ground”. And he clarified to be clear that this does not have an “easy solution” beyond the fact that inflation had already skyrocketed before the war in Ukraine.

We share the audio with the words of Yamandu Orsi in his weekly column on CW 41 from San José.

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