Extienden plazos recepción de ofertas de procesos de licitaciones de almuerzo escolar

Deadlines for receipt of offers for school lunch bidding processes are extended

The National Institute of Student Welfare (INABIE) reported that the deadlines for receiving proposals from interested parties who wish to participate in the tenders to supply school lunch in extended day educational centers for the 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 school years have been extended.

The institution reported that the processes, INABIE-CCC-LPN-2022-0001 to INABIE-CCC-LPN-2022-0012 which comprise 10 provinces and the municipalities of Santo Domingo Oeste and Santo Domingo Norte, whose deadline for receipt of offers expired this Thursday, the 21st of the current month, will now conclude at 8 in the morning on Monday, April 25.

While the one that was scheduled to end this Friday, April 22, reference INABIE-CCC-LPN-2022-0013 to INABIE-CCC-LPN-2022-0024, which has 12 provinces and the municipalities of Boca Chica, San Antonio de Guerra, Los Alcarrizos and Pedro Brand, will expire next Tuesday, April 26, 2022 at At the same hour.

For their part, the INABIE-CCC-LPN-2022-0024 reference processes to INABIE-CCC-LPN-2022-0035, representing 11 provinces and the municipality of Santo Domingo Este, will end on Wednesday 27.

However, despite these changes, the dates established for the opening of the offers of these processes are maintained, which will be on the 25th, 27th and 29th of the current month, starting at 9 in the morning. The openings of the envelopes will be carried out following the order, after the reception of the offers has concluded.

The receipts of the offers will continue only digitally through the Transactional Portal until the closing of each process.

In this order, as part of the actions carried out in pursuit of transparency, the processes will be broadcast live on the different social networks of the institution.

The 35 open bidding processes for the provinces of the country are carried out with the purpose of raising the quality of the service that reaches students and to focus the participation of the national Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises to which the biddings are destined, allowing more accurately stimulate local economies.

Reasons for date changes

The dates were established in coordination with the General Directorate of Public Procurement (DGCP) in view of the high volume of bidders and so that they can continue linking the certifications of MSMEs to the State Provider Registry of potential suppliers in the Transactional Portal that were submitting incidents to post their offers on the platform.

INABIE also reported that the process is carried out in accordance with the principles of transparency and competitiveness with the primary interest of raising the quality of service to students.

In this sense, the institution highlighted that the scoring system established for the technical visit related to the equipment that the potential bidder has in his kitchen does not disqualify them from participating. This mechanism will serve to objectively determine the installed capacity of each supplier and prioritize awards.

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