The Government announced a 22% increase for Progresar scholarships

The Government announced a 22% increase for Progresar scholarships

They announce a 22% increase for the Progresar scholarships received by 1.7 million students


The Economy Minister, Sergio Massa, and his Education counterpart, Jaime Perczyk, announced this afternoon a 22% increase in the amount of the Progresar scholarship program that almost 1.7 million high school and university students from all over the country receive.

In this way, the Progresar scholarships will be $9,000 per month since last December, so the differential will be paid to the students in the coming days.

During the announcement, Massa stressed that “there is no greater social equalizer than education.”

“Ascending social mobility is achieved when a boy, whether he leaves home or leaves, gets the same tools from having the possibility of being able to access a university degree, to access a training program, that puts him in the starting line under equal conditions”, said Massa during a meeting held at the Palacio de Hacienda.

In addition, this 22% increase in scholarships represents a 150% increase since September 2021.

In this sense, Massa expressed that these measures “must make us feel proud”, since investing in education must be a priority in the opening of the 2023 Budget, to give it “greater possibilities” and “capacity to access the public education for our children.

For his part, Minister Perczyk stressed the need for quality public education for “an Argentina that wants to be more just and federal”, which guarantees completion of studies and allows them to continue their professional training.

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“For an Argentina that wants to be more just and federal, a quality public education is necessary and we, as a State, are the first responsible for the students being in school, recovering their learning, finishing their studies, going to university or can take professional training courses,” said Minister Perczyk.

Perczyk also stressed that for the government, education is elementary as a “tool for social mobility” so that children can continue their education.

“We are a government that believes in education as a tool for social mobility and is committed so that all our young people have access to education and are trained for the challenges that the 21st century poses,” added the Minister of Education.

In December 2021, the Progresar scholarship program was expanded to include 16 and 17-year-old students, also contemplating prioritized populations for which age requirements vary.

In this sense, it has 4 types of scholarship: Progresar Mandatory (which includes lines 16 and 17), Progresar Superior, Progresar Nursing and Progresar Work.

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In December 2022, the program reaches its highest level of annual investment with $120,000,000,000 and has 1,700,000 scholarship holders. For 2023, a projected investment of $150,000,000,000 is expected.

The Progresar program implemented by the national government aims to strengthen the entry, permanence and graduation of students, promoting the completion of compulsory education and promoting higher education and professional training courses.

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