The general manager of the Caja Profesional was fired because his salary was high

The general manager of the Caja Profesional was fired because his salary was high

The board of the Caja de Jubilaciones y Pensiones de Profesionales Universitarios (Cjppu) unanimously dismissed the general manager of the institution, Miguel Sánchez, because the remuneration he had “It is not related to the budget situation of the Fund and the need to reduce expenses”.

To improve the financial situation of the institution and to provide “a more comfortable framework to achieve sustainability in the short, medium and long term”, the board of the Caja de Profesionales It has developed several measures since the new authorities took office in December 2021.

According to Cjppu sources, the measures included the suspension of income of officials, the suppression of vacancies and other management decisions aimed at readjusting their operating expenses and expenses.

As reported by El País, the decision to dismiss the general manager was made after the board of directors received a report in which it was established that it was not “legally possible” to adjust the salary unilaterally.

Thus, given the need to “relate and provide the level of remuneration of said job with the budgetary possibilities of the institution and the economic efforts that the contributing professionals are carrying out, was that the employment relationship with Cr. Miguel Sánchez was terminated from the day of the date ”, concludes the resolution dated on the night of this Thursday.

In the framework of the complicated financial situation, the board of the Cjppu considered It is necessary to carefully analyze the form and opportunity of filling this vacancy.taking into account the economic and financial possibilities, they said from the Cjppu.

The board resolved, also unanimously, temporarily assume the functions of the general management and delegate to the president of the board of directors Virginia Romero the signing of the documents that required the intervention of the position now vacant.

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