The gasoline subsidy helps reduce fuel smuggling

The gasoline subsidy helps reduce fuel smuggling

In the period from January to June, the SAT reported the entry of 26.4 million barrels of stolen and smuggled fuel, that is, 43% less than the 47 million reported in the first half of 2022.

The decrease is mainly due to the fiscal incentives that the federal government gives to gasoline and diesel, by not charging the IEPS in its final price, and giving additional fiscal incentives to importers, refers to the Tax and Management Report of the second quarter of the SAT .

“Not only are imports not paying IEPS, but the corresponding complementary stimulus is being returned per liter sold directly by the importer, which eliminates the incentives for technical and crude smuggling activity that focuses on the introduction of fuel. to the country evading the payment of IEPS”, detailed the treasury.

As an example of the decrease in technical contraband, the importation of lubricants can be observed, which during fiscal year 2021 had an increase of 79% over legitimate demand, without any support in economic activity.

For the period January-June 2022, the decrease in the volume of imports of these substances to the country is notorious, thus equaling the market demand. “These products are not subject to the payment of IEPS, so they are used as a means of evasion for the introduction of diesel and gasoline,” the SAT detailed in its report.

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