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A referendum vitiated by the media monopoly of Castroism

HAVANA, Cuba.- Before the preliminary draft of the Family Code was finally approved by the National Assembly of People’s Power, the figures with which the popular consultation process of that document concluded were released.

A total of 6,481,207 people participated in the discussions, and 61.96% of them were in favor of the text. This means that another 2,592,482 Cubans, almost 40% of the total number of participants, expressed some objection to the Code. An objection that could lead them to vote NO on the day of the referendum.

If we were to apply a concept of elementary justice, of which the machinery of power boasts so much, that not insignificant number of people who expressed their objections to the Family Code would have the right to have their points of view taken these days to the media. massive dissemination -including television- so that the national electorate would have important elements of judgment when casting their vote at the polls.

However, reality does not behave that way. Those criteria that they question certain headings of the Code, and that according to official information are related to filiation, parental relations, the institution of marriage, and other institutions of guardianship and protection in the family sphere, will not transcend beyond the scope of the popular consultation meetings.

Instead, the large-scale official offensive has already begun to influence the minds of voters. Since President Díaz-Canel, in his closing speech at the sessions of the National Assembly, called on citizens to vote YES in the referendum, the written press: television, radio, and whatever medium offers the possibility to reach the population, it is being used by the Castro regime to carry out its proselytizing work.

But there is something even more serious. And it is the fact of not tolerating now any opinion that deviates from the official criteria. Journalist Francisco Rodríguez Cruz, better known as “Paquito el de Cuba”, has just published an article in the official weekly Trabajadores in which, after asserting that there is still time to “persuade, move and convince” voters, expressed that “Of course, there will be cheating and deception from now until September 25, from powers and individuals who always bet on creating problems for us and leading us to division, hatred and grudges, either for their own benefit or as hostages knowing or unaware of a hostile and abusive policy, which does not care one iota about the well-being of our families. We already know those tricks and we know how to defeat them”.

The author of the text is the opinion of someone who represents the most genuine of Castro’s totalitarianism. For them, there is no honesty in those who manifest themselves contrary to the current letter of the Code, only “hatred and grudges”. There is nothing more like it than that statement by Mariela Castro in 2019, in the sense that promoting the negative vote on the Constitution of the Republic was boycotting the plebiscite.

We do not doubt that there would be many educated people who would gladly go on television to argue why it is appropriate to vote negatively on this approved version of the Family Code.

But unfortunately, we do not live in a democratic country. Here only what the nomenclature thinks is reproduced in the mass media, which is what they want ordinary Cubans to think as well.

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