The FUS denounces abuse of trade union freedoms in private health institutions

The FUS denounces abuse of trade union freedoms in private health institutions

Jorge Bermúdez, general secretary of the FUS.
Jorge Bermúdez, general secretary of the FUS.

This Friday, March 25, the general secretary of the FUS, Jorge Bermúdez, denounced -at a press conference- the health institutions that “are trying to interfere in union activity and are threatening workers, because they do not like the content that the union billboards have in the different private health centers throughout the country.”

He said that this situation has been taking place in the last 15 days, but has had a very large resurgence in the last few hours.

“In some places like Artigas, they have even threatened, in an incredible way, and denounced the workers with legal action, because the union billboards of the FUS throughout the country, like those of the PIT-CNT, accompany one of the the options that are going to be voted on next Sunday, March 27”, denounced the private health union leader.

Bermúdez remarked that it would seem that “the bosses don’t like it and what they are trying to do, in an absolutely undemocratic way, very far from what is the free game of democracy in Uruguay, in a clumsy way, is to try to remove from the billboard trade union that propaganda and they have done it, for example in Artigas”.

The Health leader recalled that the Freedom of Association Law is clear in that the union “can put up the propaganda that it deems necessary and there is no one who has the right to start that propaganda”

Owners of lives and estates

“In some parts of the country they believe that they own lives and farms, because they make a lot of money with health, and because they own farms. They have a delayed calendar, in Uruguay in 2022 it is not coherent to try to take democracy ahead, the pechazos, no matter how much money they have, ”he questioned.

The FUS has contacted the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Pablo Mieres, to send him the complaint in writing.

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