The fuel adjustment that the government avoided making for November

According to the indicator released monthly by the Regulatory Unit for Energy and Water Services (Ursea), andThe price of Super 95 gasoline should increase by $2.8 per liter (3.7%), while diesel 50S should do it $4.9 per liter (7.5%) to align with import parity values, the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining reported on Monday.

“The decision is based on the government’s commitment to continue leveraging economic recovery and minimizing the impact of the escalation in energy prices on production chains,” the statement said.

In this way, the price of Super 95 gasoline at the pump remains at $74.88 per liter. While, the price of diesel common is unchanged and its price to the public remains at $64.99 per literfor the fifth consecutive month

And the price of supergas (LPG) was frozen at $63.35 per kilo. In this way, the 13 kg bottle has a cost to the public of $823.55 (without shipping).

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