Inhabitants of Antímano fear a possible overflow of the ravine

Inhabitants of Antímano fear a possible overflow of the ravine

Representatives of the Liceo Fe y Alegría, located in the Antímano sector of the Capital District, have organized themselves into groups to weed the surroundings of the ravine that threatens to get out of its bed.

The heavy rains recorded in Caracas in recent weeks have kept those who make life at the Liceo Fe y Alegría, located in Antímano, in the Capital District, on alert, since the increase in the level of the ravine that crosses the area has weakened the structure of the school.

Miguel Flores is one of those who make up the gang organized to clear the area and says that for about four years the government entities have not taken care of carrying out the necessary maintenance to the creek.

“We call on the inhabitants and neighbors of the town to join this initiative since they are the first affected by this being their place of residence. It is better to take corrective measures in time and not wait for a misfortune to occur,” Flores stressed.

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Susana Rodríguez is another of the representatives of the Liceo Fe y Alegría and she says that in the ravine, in addition to the weeding, they have observed all kinds of debris, for which she made a call to reflection to the same neighbors, and also warned that the fence of the field of the educational institution is yielding due to the increase in the level of the ravine and the force with which the water moves.

Parents and representatives of the educational center assure that no municipal authority or with educational competence has been presented to review the state of the infrastructure of the educational center and the risk it represents for the community and for this reason they urge them to appear with the machinery necessary to remove weeds and debris that have accumulated in the area.

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