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The Front Labeling of Food divided Together for the Change in Deputies

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The Front Labeling of Food divided Together for the Change in Deputies

Silvia Lospennato and Mario Negri. Photo: Daniel Dabove

The vote on the bill on Front Food Labeling divided the deputies of Juntos por el Cambio (JxC), who expressed themselves in different ways, with a prevalence of support in the UCR, parity between the representatives of the Civic Coalition and a majority of rejections, abstentions and absences in the case of the PRO.

The votes against

Of the 22 negative votes that the project had, 20 corresponded to the PRO: Juan Aicega (Buenos Aires); Domingo Amaya (Tucumn), Virginia Cornejo (Salta), Soher El Sukaria (Cordoba), Jorge Enrquez (Caba), Ezequiel Fernndez Langan (Buenos Aires), Alicia Fregonese (Entre Rios), Alejandro Garca (Caba), lvaro Gonzlez (Caba ), Fernando Iglesias (Caba) and Ingrid Jetter (Corrientes).

They are joined by Luciano Laspina (Santa Fe), Martn Medina (Buenos Aires), Jos Patio (Caba), Carla Piccolomini (Buenos Aires), Carmen Polledo (Caba), Dina Rezinovsky (Caba), Cristian Ritondo (Buenos Aires), Adriana Ruarte (Cordoba) and Francisco Snchez (Neuqun).

They also rejected the project Lucila Lehmann, from the Coalicin Cvica (Santa Fe), and Beatriz Vila (Party for Social Justice-Tucumn), who in 2017 entered the Chamber as part of the Cambiemos interbloque, in 2019 they moved to a more affinity space. to the Frente de Todos and a few months ago she approached the PRO again to seek a seat as a senator.


Regarding abstentions, of the 16 total, the PRO sum 12: Federico Angelini (Santa Fe), Hctor Baldassi (Cordoba), Omar De Marchi (Mendoza), Mercedes Joury (Buenos Aires), Silvia Lospennato (Buenos Aires), Osmar Monaldi (Jujuy), Victoria Morales Gorleri (CABA), Mara Lujan Rey (Buenos Aires), David Schlereth (Neuqun), Pablo Tonelli (CABA), Pablo Torello (Buenos Aires) and Waldo Wolff (Buenos Aires).

The other three abstentions were those of the radicals Gabriela Burgos (Jujuy); Jorge Rizzotti (Jujuy) and Fabio Quetglas (Buenos Aires), as well as Javier Campos, from the Civic Coalition (Buenos Aires),


Regarding absences, 18 were registered, divided into the following blocks: five from the Pro, with Luis Juez (Cordoba), Ignacio Torres (Chubut), Alberto Asseff (Buenos Aires), Julio Sahad (La Rioja) and Graciela Ocaa ( Buenos Aires); five from the Civic Coalition, with Laura Castets (Santa Fe), Paula Oliveto (Civic Coalition); Hector Flores (Buenos Aires); Alicia Terada (Chaco) and Mariana Zuvic (CABA); and the radical Estela Regidor (Corrientes).

For the ruling party, meanwhile, were missing Juan Carlos Alderete (Buenos Aires), Jos Luis Martiarena (Jujuy), Gisela Marziotta (CABA), Lucila Masin (Chaco), Juan Mosqueda (Chaco) and Jos de Mendiguren (Buenos Aires) -en one of license-.

Another deputy who hit the foul was Felipe Álvarez from Accin Federal and former partner of Cambiemos.

Support for the project

The 200 endorsements for the project, meanwhile, were provided by the Frente de Todos (113); the Federal interblock (10); Federal Unit for Development (6); the Left (2); Federal Action (1) and Neuquén Popular Movement (1).

The rest of the votes were from JxC deputies: 42 radicals (out of the 46 that make up the bloc); 7 of the Civic Coalition (out of 14 members) and 16 of the PRO (out of its 53 members).

In addition, the representatives of the Civic and Social Front of Catamarca and the monobloque Production and Work of San Juan, both members of JxC, accompanied them.

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