Cada vez hay más ecuatorianos a salvo, fuera de Ucrania.

The Foreign Ministry cannot process tourist visas for Ecuadorians

Around 80 of the Ecuadorians who left Ukraine do not want to return to our country and ask the Government to regularize their situation in Europe.

689 Ecuadorians they left Ukraineaccording to data from the Foreign Ministry until 07:00 on March 2, 2022. Most are students From 18 to 25 years. About 100 people would be missing to evacuate. The plane for humanitarian flight is ready to take off this Wednesday night with all 350 available positions filled.

Meanwhile, 16 Ecuadorians The country is already there, those who returned by their own means, according to Foreign Minister Juan Carlos Holguín; another ten are in countries like the United States, Colombia or Morocco.

On the other hand, there are still people in areas of war difficult to access. “The European Union has apologized to many of our countries because its rights protection system, which is the one that attends to refugee citizens in the event of war conflicts, could not arm itself,” said the Minister of Foreign Affairs in an interview for the GK portal. , referring to the fact that there are no guarantees to enter the country to remove these Ecuadorians.

Now, Ecuador faces an additional event: there are people who do not want to return. They are around 80. In several testimonies collected by LA HORA, there are young people like Alberto, Ricardo or Bernardo, who assure that returning to the country is not an option. Among their reasons they cite the lack of opportunities and work. Many lived already more than 4 years in Ukraine.

This has motivated parents to request the Government to process tourist visas for them. The Foreign Ministry explains that this is not possible because each host country is the one that issues this type of document. “It’s like Ecuadorian refugees in Mexico wanting Ecuador to give them a visa to the United States,” said an official from the institution.

In order to escape from warall compatriots received a schengen visa emergency with a duration of 15 days. After that time, if they do not return, they would change the status to illegal migrants.

Also registered are 70 pets that would be part of the humanitarian flight. Ecuador has managed to give attention and the possibility, to Ukrainian people, of coming to the country accompanying their Ecuadorian partners. (GVL)


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