The foods that rose and fell in price the most in May

The foods that rose and fell in price the most in May

The potato, one of the foods that had risen the most at the start of the year, became, for the second consecutive month, the one with the highest price drop.

(Inflation moderated in May: annual change was 9.07%).

According to the most recent Dane inflation report, which accounts for price behavior in May 2022, potatoes fell 18.13%. Last month, it had also relented.

Nevertheless, in the first three months of the year its price accumulated the highest inflation in the last year (110.2%), and it was also the item that increased the most between January and March, not only within the food group, but in general among all the goods in the family basket. The tuber saw an increase in its prices of 54.6% at the start of 2022.

However, as the year progresses, the potato shows a significant correction.

(Cartagena is now the most expensive city in Colombia).

Among the other foods that fell the most in May of this year, is the onion, which registered a negative variation of 4.33%, and bananas, which fell in price by 3.68%.

For its part, among the food group that increased the most in the fifth month of the year are tomatoes (26.05%), carrots (20.83%) and cassava (14.07%).


In the variation of annual prices, as of May 2022, the largest increases in the price of food were registered in the cassava (102.98%), bananas (46.20%) and tomato (41.28%).

On the other side of the coin, with the smallest price increases, there are bananas (1.00%), concentrates to prepare soft drinks (1.73%) and panela (3.68%).


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