The first movie show for dogs in South America was in Escobar

The first movie show for dogs in South America was in Escobar

Photo: Eliana Obregon

The first movie show for dogs in South America was held in a theater in the Buenos Aires town of Escobarwhere dozens of families and their pets enjoyed a movie with sound specially adapted for the animals, who during the almost two hours that the film lasted remained calm with their owners.

the first function “Pet Friendly” of South America is an initiative that is already carried out in Mexico, the United States and in some European countries and was promoted in the country by the municipality of Escobar together with the company Warner Bros.

The function

In a room adapted from the Teatro Seminari Cine Italia, equipped with drinking fountains and waste baskets on its sides, the room was filled with families who saw the film “DC Comics League of Super Pets”.

Sitting on the floor at the feet of their owners, up on their laps or directly on the seats in the room, the ten dogs of different ages and sizes that were present remained calm, without barking and some even followed him with attentive eyes. what was happening on the screen.

DC League of Superpets, the one chosen to share in Escobar


“It’s like I’m watching the movie, it’s amazing”said surprised Ivana, who shared the show with her son Santiago and Coca, a 2-year-old “sausage” dog.

“As soon as I heard this proposal, I loved it, my son was very excited to come,” said Ivana, who assured that she will return to the next “pet friendly” function they do.

“These initiatives are very good. My son has autism and being able to come to the movies with Coca makes it a beautiful experience for him,” he added.

A few rows later, Nany, a one-and-a-half-year-old poodle, sat on the lap of Emanuel, 7 years old, who was petting his dog with one hand and taking the popcorn with the other, without taking his eyes off the film .

Leaving the show with his parents, Emanuel proudly said that Nany, his first dog, behaved “very well” throughout the show and that he found it “very funny” to be able to go to the movies with her.

Photos: Eliana Obregon

“These functions are designed with all the comforts and protocols so that we can enjoy going to the cinema accompanied by our four-legged friends,” the director of the Italia municipal cinema, Héctor Repetto, told Télam, who assured that it was “a complete success.” the first function.

“It is something very beautiful and an indelible experience for the residents of Escobar, who were very happy with the idea,” said Repetto about this initiative with which the Municipality of Escobar seeks to promote adoption and raise awareness about responsible pet ownership.

“Pets are already part of the family and more and more people are looking for places and activities where they can come with them,” Néstor Vittola, director of the Seminari Theater, told Télam.

“It is a very beautiful and new experience, which we hope we can continue to support and that it is also replicated in other places,” he added.

Photo Eliana Obregn
Photo: Eliana Obregon

a noble end

All proceeds will be destined for the castration program of the Municipal Hospital of Zoonoseswhich “does more than 70 castrations per day,” they indicated.

Likewise, the local Zoonosis team was present during the day to carry out the health book controls required to enter the room and to intervene in case special attention is needed.

Micaela and Federico, in charge of the zoonosis unit, assured that these initiatives “help to raise awareness” and that people “become more interested in care.”

Neighbors who passed by the sidewalk of the cinema came to consult in shifts to neuter their pets or to scan a QR code that contained information on animals that are up for adoption.

Photo Eliana Obregn
Photo: Eliana Obregon

One of the spectators, who attended along with her dogs Morita and Santi, highlighted the importance of rescuing dogs and not buying, so as “not to encourage breeders”, from where she rescued one of her dogs.

“Promoting adoption is one of the objectives we have with this initiative, which is so important to continue advancing in the care of dogs and other animals,” assured the directors of the municipal cinema-theater, who were “happy to see materialize this first pilot test”.

“Culture has to be available and accessible to everyone, and these initiatives not only foster interest in cinema, but also make the experience even more satisfying,” said Repetto, concluding that they will continue to make progress so that pet-friendly programming “is more and more common.”

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