The festive 'peak and plate' begins in Bogotá: keys to keep in mind

The festive ‘peak and plate’ begins in Bogotá: keys to keep in mind

This Monday, January 10, a holiday, the measure of ‘peak and plate’ that Bogota Together with neighboring municipalities (all as Metropolitan Region), it will apply for the 2022 holiday bridges.

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And here we remind you how the rule will work on your first day so that travelers who will enter the capital during the day have clear rules.

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The first thing to be clear about is that the ‘peak and plate’ for holidays will only be used on Monday, the other days that become holidays will not have it.

The shifts are as follows:

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– Until noon, all cars will be able to enter.

– From 12 pm to 4 pm, Only cars with even plates will be allowed to enter.

– From 4 pm to 8 pm, Only cars with an odd license plate can enter.

– After 8 pm, all cars will be able to enter.

The Bogota entrances for which the measure will work are:

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– North Freeway: from the Andes tollbooth to the north portal, north-south direction.

– South highway: from the municipal limit of Soacha to Boyacá Avenue, south – north direction.

– Avenida Centenario (13th street): from the Bogotá river to the Avenida Ciudad de Cali (Avenida Carrera 86), west-east direction.

– Avenida calle 80: from the guadua bridge to portal 80, west-east direction.

– Avenida Carrera 7: from Calle 245 to Calle 183, north-south direction.

– Avenida Boyacá via al Llano: from the Algerian Durán Quintero tunnel to the old road to Llano, south-north direction.

– Via Suba – Cota: from the Bogotá river to 170th street avenue, north-south direction.

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No. For this holiday “peak and plate” does not apply neither that of 3 or more people in the car, nor that of medical personnel vehicles and nor that of “solidarity peak and plate”.


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