The family of Andy García, imprisoned by 11J, asks 32 embassies to send observers to the trials

The family of Andy García, imprisoned by 11J, asks 32 embassies to send observers to the trials

The trial of a group of protesters detained in Santa Clara by 11J began this Monday in the Provincial Court of Villa Clara. In the place all the accesses remain taken by the security forces and there are also cameras placed in various points, reported relatives of the political prisoners.

Saily González Velázquez, who accompanied the family of activist Andy García Lorenzo outside the court, told 14ymedio that the opponent Guillermo Fariñas He came to the place to provide support to the attendees.

“The relatives were outside waiting, they were not allowed to sit in the park in front of them and they had to stand on the sidewalk all the time,” he added.

Roxana García Lorenzo, sister of Andy, one of the defendants, has asked the ambassadors in Cuba to attend as observers the trials that begin this Monday in that city against the prisoners for those peaceful demonstrations.

In a letter sent by the organization Cuban Prisoners Defenders (CPD) to 32 diplomatic delegations present on the island, Roxana García denounces that her brother, “detained under forced disappearance” and “convicted of conscience”, has been subjected to “torture, beatings, threats of up to 30 years of sentence and to be shot if he does not retract his position of conscience. “

Among the embassies that received the letter are 14 delegations from the European Union, 12 from Latin America, the Holy See, the UN and other countries, such as Japan.

“They have just handed over power, let the imported fear and then implanted of this communism cease in our people, on our beautiful Island”

“While I am writing this letter,” the 20-year-old continues, “he remains isolated in a maximum security prison known as Guamajal in Santa Clara, without the right to telephone calls in violation of due process and active defense.” The family only has access to it twice a month.

Precisely on Friday, Andy García sent a few words from prison that were published the next day by his sister on your Facebook wall. In them, the young man reiterates his “confirmation and commitment to this cause” and affirms that he continues “to be in place” and that “ideals are not negotiated, so I will continue firm despite what I have to face.”

Addressing the regime, García Lorenzo asks: “They have just handed over power, that the imported fear and then implanted of this communism in our people, on our beautiful island, cease.”

“I want to do a lot, but I feel powerless locked in these four rusty bars,” says the young man, “but more than anything I want to thank, it is the least I can do, thank each one of you for not forgetting me, for not leave us alone and forgotten “.

The 842 prisoners reported by CPD for demonstrating on June 11, laments Roxana García in the letter to the embassies, “are being tried in prefabricated cases, with false government witnesses, others who were made to sign statements that they later did not recognize, and shameful accusations with scandalously high penalties, typical of murderers and criminals “, in some cases of up to 30 years.

The young woman also remembers how her family, one of the most active in defense of political prisoners, is harassed. For having created a “civic initiative with which we obtain help for the families of the inmates through the distribution of food,” she says, “both myself and my husband, Jonatan López Alonso, and his father, Pedro López Mesa, and we also have for our physical integrity “.

For all these reasons, he asks the diplomatic delegations to “accompany us as observers in these trials, or, failing that, to carry out in their country actions aimed at stopping these crimes against humanity.” And he concludes: “Young boys and girls, full of life, are destroying their lives and those of their families and friends.”

The detainees in Santa Clara for the 11J who face trial this Monday are, in addition to García Lorenzo, José Gabriel Arruebarruena, Randy Arteaga Rivera, Brian Amed Ceballo O’Reilly, Maykel Fleites Rivalta, José Miguel Gómez Mondeja, Armando Guerra Pérez, Liván Hernández Sosa, John Luis Machado Marrero, Amanda Dalai Matamoros Cabrera, Pedro Manuel Nicodemos Cabrera, Ariel Núñez Martínez, Mercy Daniela Pitchs Martínez, Lázaro Alejandro Rodríguez Ruiz, Yunior Sebey Mena and Leonel Tristá García.


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