The faces of the victims of repression in a new eBook by PxMolina

The faces of the victims of repression in a new eBook by PxMolina

On the occasion of Human Rights Day, CONFIDENTIAL will carry out a virtual chat in which the cartoonist Pedro X. Molina winner of the recognition for Journalistic Excellence of the Gabo 2021 Award will launch its latest eBook, entitled “To remember is to resist. Faces of victims of repression”, An initiative that contributes to the construction of collective memory in Nicaragua.

The event will take place this Friday, December 10 at 11:00 am in Nicaragua. The activity will be attended by the Ecuadorian cartoonist Xavier Bonilla, known as BONIL, and Juan Carlos Ampié, producer of La Ultima Mirada News of the program This week, who will moderate a conversation in which the role of the journalistic cartoon as a tool for social denunciation, and the importance of the search for justice in Nicaragua will be discussed.

The result of a collective effort

In the presentation text of the eBook, Pedro X. Molina explains that “To remember is to resist. Faces of victims of repression”Came about with the Inktober, a popular exercise among the international art community created by Jake Parker American illustrator, concept artist and animator who sought to motivate other colleagues to return to their love of drawing in ink and paper.

The Inktober was the platform that Molina used to denounce the murders that the Ortega Murillo regime has committed since April 2018, the year in which the population protested peacefully demanding the removal of Daniel Ortega from power. As a result of the bloody state response, there were more than 300 deaths, thousands of wounded and more than 100,000 displaced.

According to the cartoonist, the digital book is a collective effort because since he began to publish the portraits of the best-known victims on social networks, the relatives and friends of people who were also murdered by the regime contacted him. “They were asking me to consider including their loved ones. They sent me names, information, and even photographs! ”, He recalls.

Among the portraits that appear in Molina’s eBook is that of Alvarito Conrado, the first teenager killed during the 2018 protests, who became a symbol of the civic rebellion. Also included were reactions that the families of the murdered people shared when they saw the illustrations that PxMolina made of their loved ones.

How to register for the event and get the eBook?

Participation in the discussion on Friday, December 10, at 11:00 am in Nicaragua, is free. The event will be broadcast on our YouTube channel and Facebook page, but only those who register through Zoom They will be able to ask questions of the panelists via live chat.

During the event, the PxMolina eBook will be made available to audiences, which they can download for free, but under registration. That is, they will be asked create a free account at for get It. We will provide more details on the day of the activity.

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