El euro recupera su camino frente al dólar

The euro recovers its way against the dollar

While it is true that 2022 will go down in history as one of the years in which the US dollar has shown the greatest strength and in which investors have turned to it the most as a safe haven to protect themselves from the falls that were looking at the rest of the assets, it is also true that in the last quarter of the year the euro is managing to recover part of the ceded ground.

The single currency is already revalued by more than 10.5% against the green ticket.

«The rupture of the bearish guideline that had been guiding the falls of the euro/dollar in a millimetric way during the last months invited to favor an important rebound, for the moment, it has taken the pair to the first objective zone of 1.06 dollars per euro”, explains Joan Cabrero, technical analyst and advisor to Ecotrader.

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