New Year's dinner: These are the prices of supplies such as pork

New Year’s dinner: These are the prices of supplies such as pork

If you still don’t know how much you’ll spend on dinner New Yearhere we offer you the prices of the products so that you can estimate a budget and choose the dish or dishes that you will prepare for the night of the December 31.

In the Nueva Esperanza market of the Andrés Avelino Cáceres Platform, the kilo of pork meat is sold at 17.50 suns and pork rinds at 15.50 soles.

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The lemon It is sold at 4 soles per kilo, the onion find it from the price of a sun, the same that was maintained in recent days. A kilo of corn at 3 soles, bacon at 18 a kilo.

If you thought about the salad pallar, It sells for 7 soles per kilo, tomatoes for 2 soles, beets for 1.50 soles.

Regarding the potatoes, the only one is sold at 2.50 soles, cancanas at 3 soles and the Peruvian one to boil at 7 soles.

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