The Electoral Court confirmed that the signatures were reached for the referendum against the LUC and it will be on March 27

The Electoral Court confirmed that the signatures were reached for the referendum against the LUC and it will be on March 27


According to a report issued by the Electoral Court in the last hours, the total number of authorized persons on the electoral roll is 2,686,174, which is why 25% of those authorized to call a referendum, as established in the Constitution , is 671,544 signatures.

Likewise, the electoral body indicated that the total number of signatures entered by the promoters of the referendum was 751,452 adhesions and 671,631 were accepted, that is, 25.003%. According to the Electoral Court, 58,056 signatures were rejected for different reasons, including: that the printing is deficient or does not match, in addition to being canceled, excluded, minors, disabled, it was not found in the register or multiple signature.

It was also clarified that there are other firms that are in the process for resolution of supervisors, for checking with the Fingerprint Registry, and for tracking.


On the other hand, it was reported that the call for the referendum will be for Sunday, March 27, 2022. On that day the appearance at the polls will be mandatory. In the secret room there will be two voting sheets, one for the “Yes” to repeal 135 articles of the LUC, which will be pink; and the other page for the “No” to the repeal, whose color will be light blue.

There may be four types of votes:

Vote for “Yes” to the appeal (against the LUC), which computes to repeal the contested articles.

Vote for “No” (in favor of the LUC), are accounted for the maintenance of the Law without modifications.

Blank vote (without any ballot sheet). It is added to the vote for “No and it is also computed for the maintenance of the Law. Since it is considered a valid vote.

Void or annulled vote (with the two contradictory voting sheets or breaks or elements that lead to the annulment of the vote), it is not counted and its effect is neutral.

In this way, the contested articles of the LUC would be repealed if the votes for “Yes” exceed the sum of the votes for “No” plus the blank votes.

Instead, the articles will remain, if the votes added by “No” and blank exceed the votes by “Yes”, explained the political scientist Oscar Bottinelli (Factum).

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