The elections that follow in Latin America

The elections that follow in Latin America

Election days continue next Sunday in Argentina where they take place the legislative ones, which will be a test for the government of Alberto Fernandez.

Those elections come with the precedent of the primaries that were held in September and in which the peronism lost in 18 of the 24 provinces. Now they expect good results because the president’s party risks losing the majority in the Senate and their support in Congress.

Then on November 21 is presidential elections in Chile, which is a country that arrives with a strong division after the 2019 protests.

The candidate who now rebounds in the polls is the one from the right or the extreme right, Jose Antonio Kast, who is a defender of Pinochet. Follow him Gabriel Boric, the candidate considered leftist who represents the coalition of the Wide Front, arisen after those manifestations. A second round is expected there in December.

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That same day are the regional elections in Venezuela where governors, mayors, councilors and deputies will be chosen. The importance of these elections is that it will participate the opposition and there will be an electoral mission of the European Union.

And later, on Sunday the 28th, the turn is for Honduras where the president will be chosen to replace Juan Orlando Hernandez under whose government the country has been declared a narco-state. There is a candidate from the ruling party and another who is Xiomara Castro, wife of the former president Manuel Zelaya who left the government by a coup d’état.

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