The Economist: 7.3 times more Cubans could have died from COVID-19 than reported

MIAMI, United States. – The prestigious English weekly The Economist asserted this week who on the Island could have died from the COVID-19 pandemic 7.3 times more people than those officially reported and that “the once famous Cuban health system was in pieces.”

According to the excess mortality tracker of The EconomistCuba has one of the highest estimated death tolls from the pandemic relative to its size, prompting the publication to dissect the island’s health system.

The Economist part of recognizing the achievements of the island’s health system, which have also been distorted, exaggerated or used by the regime for propaganda purposes.

“For a long time, Cubans were proud of their health system, and rightly so. Between 2000 and 2020, the small communist-run island spent more than most other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean,” he acknowledged. The Economist.

“Life expectancy is higher than in the United States. Cuba has more than enough qualified doctors and nurses. When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, Cuba sent some of its doctors to countries struggling with its initial wave of patients,” reads another paragraph of the article published by the weekly.

At this point, the publication does not refer to cases of medical negligence or complaints of lack of preparation of health personnel, common in recent years. Nor does it refer to the accusations against the island’s regime of sending its health personnel abroad on “medical missions” that have been described as “modern slavery.”

“An impressive 89% of the population of Cuba is now fully vaccinated with its nationally produced COVID-19 injections, which have efficacy rates of up to 92.4% after three doses,” indicates the text, which does not recognizes that the vaccines have not been evaluated or approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) or any committee of experts independent of the Cuban regime.

As a result of the publication The Economist, the non-governmental organization Prisoners Defenders remembered that, a year ago, in August 2021, they had warned that the official figures of the COVID-19 pandemic in Cuba were “false”.

“Now The Economist confirms it. Instead of 8,529 deaths from COVID, ‘62,000 Cubans could have died from the pandemic’, 7.3 times more [que lo informado oficialmente]”.

In August 2021, Prisoners Defenders assured that the island’s regime falsified the figures of patients and deaths from COVID-19 and that “every day” “hundreds to thousands” of people died from the disease.

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