The Economic and Social Council strengthens local food production and markets

The creation of the Intersectoral Table for Food Production, Marketing and Supply was announced. /Photo: Gustavo Amarelle

The Secretariat for Strategic Affairs formalized the creation of an Intersectoral Table for Food Production, Marketing and Supply within the scope of the Economic and Social Council, with the purpose of “contribute to the design of a comprehensive national strategy tending to strengthen local production, the promotion and consolidation of short marketing channels through the development of local markets”.

It did so through Resolution 90/2022 published this Thursday in the Official Gazette under the signature of the head of the area, Mercedes Marcó del Pont.

The measure invites the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers and the Ministries of Economy, Social Development, Interior, Health, and Public Works to designate officials to participate in this body.

They also summon officials from the National Council for the Coordination of Social Policies, the National Institute of Associativism and Social Economy, the National Institute of Agricultural Technology, the National Service of Health and Food Quality and the National Institute of Seeds.

community development

Meanwhile, the Intersectoral Table for Food Production, Marketing and Supply must “generate proposals that help competent jurisdictions and entities to update and integrate the information available from the national food productive matrixdefining not only the supply of basic basket products in each of the territories but also the local and regional demand”.

It will also ensureshorten food marketing chainspromoting local markets or short marketing channels through concrete, planned, organized and coordinated actions” and “increase marketing channels and mechanisms” with “strategies aimed at producers and consumers of the productive units of the social, solidarity and popular economy”.

Other of its objectives will include “contributing to the trade integration of regional and community economieswith the purpose of achieving the autonomous, sustainable and inclusive development of the communities”.

It will also promote “associative systems for the integration of supplier agent networks” and “develop capacities at the local level to ensure compliance with sanitary standards of the food produced and its marketing channels.”

The Board must also “define common variables and indicators, with their respective categories, to achieve a planned governance of the collected and synthesized information, accessible to all intervening organizations”, and “design Information and Communication Technology tools -ICT, ensuring the current regulations regarding the protection of personal and economic-financial data”.

In addition, “a single window will be established to meet the demands of the different sectors in terms of documentation, access to programs and credits, commercial or building infrastructures, and logistics, ensuring that the intervention simplifies the management of procedures.”

Meanwhile, the Board will be coordinated by the Secretary of Strategic Affairs who may invite to intervene in it, or accept proposals for intervention, from other jurisdictions and entities, public or private.

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