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“The driver managed to screw the policeman”, a ‘deception’ with a decree that does not exist and did not pay the toll

The driver alleged by “Decree 071 of 2008” and asked to lift the toll gate, and the policeman let him pass.

The driver told him that “Decree 071 of 2008 says that after 5 minutes of being locked, he has to lift the gate”, and the policeman let him pass the tollbooth. This measure existed, but is not currently in force.

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At a toll road on Tolima, a driver decided that he was not going to pay the ticket because he had already been on the road for 30 minutes, and although a highway policeman told him that he should do it, he found this answer: «Decree 071 of the 2008 says that after 5 minutes of being locked he has to lift the gate “, and they let him continue.

He alleged that it had taken 30 minutes, and that also, “there is a traffic agent asking for documents back there and it is more traffic jam.” He criticized that due to “the avarice of the government,” solutions are not given to those traffic jams that occur on a daily basis.

“I work every day in Espinal here, with this heat, it’s not fair,” he reproached the policeman.

Given his position and his exposition of the supposed rule that favored him, the uniformed men at the tollbooth let him continue.

The others would have paid their toll.

The video has gone viral and although many have applauded the position of the driver, such a decree does not currently exist.

Does not exist

It was not a decree, it was Resolution 071 in 2009, it was created as a temporary measure that ended that same year and was aimed at cargo vehicles to solve a mobility crisis on various roads in the country.

Nor was that measure for all highways and tolls in the country, but for the road sections where there was more slow traffic and therefore, more traffic jams were being formed.

Tolima toll
On the road to Espinal the driver managed to pass without paying the toll, claiming that he had been in the traffic for 30 minutes.

Article 3 of said document: «the Directorate of Traffic and Transportation of the National Police is empowered to comply with the ministerial directive to lift the barrier (talanquera) at the toll stations administered by the concessions and / or the National Institute of Roads (Invías), and allow the passage of vehicles when the number of these generates damming, as stipulated in the contractual obligations and reiterated in the official letter MT-4562-1 65536 of December 19, 2006, requiring the presence of the controllers«.

The transit measure was for January 11 and 12, 2009 and for the Easter holiday season, from April 6 to 12, of the same year.

The lawyer Cesar Granados, explained that “the rule does not say anything about ‘5 minutes’ and does not indicate that you do not have to pay. In the video, the driver cleverly managed to cannibalize the police into letting him pass without paying.

In this caseIt is not clear if the driver lied knowing the reality of the measure he mentioned, or if he really believed that it was in force.

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