The dollar rose again and the closing exceeded $ 41 in the interbank

The dollar rose on Tuesday for the second consecutive day in the local exchange market, amid global currency appreciation. The greenback increased 0.51% and stood at $40.91 in the interbank average, according to data from the Electronic Stock Exchange (Bevsa).

The last operation of the day was agreed at $ 41.15, with a rise of 1.13% compared to Monday. It was a day with operations for a total of US$ 37.2 million and there was no intervention from the Central Bank (BCU)

For its part, on the board of the Bank (BROU), the dollar also increased 45 hundredths compared to Monday and was offered at $39.95 for purchase and $42.35 for sale this Tuesday.

In Brazil, the dollar rose strongly (+2.29%) and traded at 4.98 units per greenback. And in Chile, the dollar increased by 4.77 pesos, once again slightly exceeding 850 Chilean pesos.

Globally, the Dollar Index that measures the value of the US dollar in relation to a basket of foreign currencies rose 0.58% to 102.36 unitsdriven by lower growth prospects around the world, health lockdowns in China and rate hikes in the US.

In Argentina the blue dollar does not stop its climb. The informal price registers this Tuesday a jump of 3.5 pesos to settle at 206 pesos for the purchase and 209 pesos for the sale. In this way, it continues with its upward trend and reaches its highest value since the end of last February, according to El Cronista. With this new advance, the gap between the blue dollar and the official exchange rate once again exceeds the 80% threshold.

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