Maduro announces that the rainy season will bring hail to the capital region

Maduro announces that the rainy season will bring hail to the capital region

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President Nicholas Maduro warned Tuesday night that the rainy season in Venezuela will be particularly aggressive, especially due to the La Niña phenomenon.

“We have been evaluating the situation that has occurred in the Andes and in the south of Lake Maracaibo, with atypical rains for the season. The water came early,” she said.

“Throughout the West, it has been strong,” he said.

“In the capital region, we estimate 300% more rainfall for the season, including hail left and right in the capital region,” he added.

Maduro pointed out that there were floods in Los Flores de Catia, La Yaguara, El Valle and El Junquito.

He also said that he established a fund of 10 million renewable bolivars to attend to the emergency.

The rains with force

“The rains have come with great force,” Maduro said.

“We are facing the phenomenon of La Niña. There are effects all over the planet. There is an unusual evaporation, which is what we have seen these days, ”he explained.

He warned about climate change that destroyed the ozone layer. “Humanity is experiencing a tremendous mess and there is no one to stop it,” she said.

Nicholas Maduro. Photo: @PrensaVen


José Pereira, president of Inameh, said that the rains were widespread after noon throughout the country. “In two days they fell in the capital region three times more than what falls in a month in the entire country,” he said.

The mayor of Caracas Carmen Meléndez, from Macarao, said that the area is very affected, despite the fact that, according to her, adequate maintenance was carried out.

“Despite the can of water, we have all the equipment deployed,” he said.

He said that there are 24 families affected by the rains.

In Táchira the rains also hit hard

Freddy Bernal, governor of Táchira, said that it has rained copiously, especially in the north of the state: “The geography of this entity is made of expansive clay, when it saturates, it moves.”

He indicated that there are damages in 10 municipalities, what is called the High Mountain area. “They produce 30% of agricultural production,” he warned.

Bernal assured that there are no victims.

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