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The director of the Itauguá National Hospital resigns

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The director of the Itauguá National Hospital resigns

A police officer who happened to be at the Regional Hospital of Ciudad del Este prevented everything from ending in tragedy. The man, who went with the shotgun, was apparently intoxicated.

According to the data, the event was recorded at 10:30 p.m. last Saturday in the Trauma Pavilion of the aforementioned care center, to the extent that the man came with a shotgun in search of the alleged murderer of his younger brother.

Coincidentally, a police officer from the Regional Penitentiary – who was with a patient carrying out a medical diagnosis – iprevented his admission to the hospitalthus preventing a tragedy from occurring.

The reports indicate that the man’s brother entered the hospital minutes before no longer signs of life and with a gunshot wound at the level of the thorax.

The alleged attacker would also have entered the care center minutes before with injuries, so the man was armed to the site.

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The director of the regional hospital, Federico Schroeder, indicated that the story could have been different if the police officer was not there at that moment, for which he asked Have a night guard at the hospital.

“It was a lucky misfortune, I spoke with him (the armed man) and he thought that the brother’s attacker was in the trauma ward, but he did not come here. Then he withdrew with his gun“He said in contact with 1020 AM.

In this regard, he maintained that on weekends they receive patients for accidents, assaults and people who require intensive therapyso there is a high movement of people, even altercations with drunk people.

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