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The delivery of the food basket to the disabled begins

The delivery of the food basket to the disabled begins

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From this Friday the food package for people with disabilities is delivered. A total of 67,285 people from all over the country will benefit from this benefit, which is valued at 500 bolivianos.

“Decree 4622 that we are using today authorizes us in an exceptional way and for the only time, the delivery of this food package for a value of 500 Bolivianos in favor of people with disabilities throughout the national territory,” reported President Luis Arce in an act developed in the Casa Grande del Pueblo.

The event was installed within the framework of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, a date that was highlighted by the Minister of the Presidency, María Nela Prada.

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The president indicated that plans will continue to benefit the sector. “Today we are trying to solve the problems of all Bolivians and, of course, our brothers with disabilities are Bolivians and deserve the attention of the State,” he added.

The package contains rice, sugar, flour, oil, yogurt and milk. In this regard, Minister Prada explained that this endowment is made with Bolivian products.

“We drew up a work plan that not only has to do with the delivery of this food package, but also with a comprehensive work schedule,” he stressed.

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