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The deadline to recognize political movements for the municipalities has expired

Comptroller Camilo Benítez described the Fonacide law as a complete failure, given the inability of mayors and governors to invest adequately in infrastructure and school feeding.

“The system of Fonacide law failed, as far as I know. It was categorically a failure. And perhaps we are all part of that failure. The decentralization, the lack of capacity of mayors and governors to manage money, the enormous corruption in the management of these funds (350 million dollars per year)”, recognized the comptroller Camilo Benítez in an interview with radio 650 AM.

He specified that since he took office in the Comptroller’s Office, he saw Fonacide as a problem, which is why he changed the presentation system for accountability: it went from paper to digitized format, which is open to the general public. “Control has improved a lot in recent years, before you couldn’t see what the mayor or the governor was spending onthanks to the changes it was possible to detect and report cases of corruption”, he highlighted.

However, the authority acknowledged that The Comptroller’s Office should provide more officials to control the works in situ, but its resources are limited. “There are more than 280 municipalities and 7 governorates, you have to invest more to audit 100%,” she said.

Benítez considered that it is a It is a real pity that decentralization has not managed to improve the quality of life of citizensas expected with the implementation of Fonacide, since it is always the local authorities who are aware of the needs of their towns.

“That the system has failed is really a shame. If we look at the numbers of what was spent, We do not see an improvement, but rather the opposite. Thats the reality. (…) Stealing the boys’ food is the last straw. As many of us know, it is the boys’ only meal of the day. In March we will release a report on that ”, he mentioned extremely defeated.

Fonacide is a fund created by Law 4758/12 that determines how the additional funds resulting from the change in the multiplying factor1 are allocated as compensation for the transfer of energy; from 5.1 (five integers and one tenth) to 15.3 (fifteen integers and three tenths), established in Reversal Note No. 4 dated September 1, 2009. This fund is intended exclusively for financing investment projects public and development

The organization Together for Education launched the campaign days ago “More transparency”in which it urges citizens to demand accountability from the mayors regarding the use of resources from the National Fund for Public Investment and Development (Fonacide), considering that it pays the improvements in infrastructure and school lunch.

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