MINSA asks the population to avoid excesses in carnivals

Throughout the year, the Health authorities stress the importance of individual and collective protection in health issues, which is why they provide recommendations to protect against vector-borne and zoonotic diseases, airborne diseases, sexual transmission, alcoholic poisoning, food poisoning, contaminated water, severe dehydration and heat stroke.

In the Metropolitan Health Region, epidemiological surveillance, promotion, and prevention of diseases are maintained for proper control and treatment. For this reason, with the arrival of summer, massive entertainment activities are carried out in controlled areas and/or outdoors, such as carnivals, walks to beaches, rivers, among others, for which the use of sunscreen is recommended, do not abuse sun exposure, eat foods that keep the cold chain and comply with sanitary measures, preferably drink water, natural fruit juices, Avoid junk food, wear light-colored clothing, caps, hats, and/or glasses.

From February 17 to 21, the regional team of Public Health and Health Promotion are prepared for health verification in food outlets on the carnival route of the capital city, as well as on the Veracruz beach in conjunction with the National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc), Red Cross and the Joint Task Force.

The authorities also reiterate to the population to avoid excessive alcohol consumption and to do so keep the designated driver, so you take care of your life and that of others, while driving not to use the cell phone, since you lose control and can cause accidents or even death. death, and to have sexual relations, use a condom to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.
The recommendation is made to the population to enjoy the carnival with order and not lower their guard because the responsibility belongs to everyone.

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