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The dead of Matanzas: Heroes or victims?

Havana Cuba. – In recent days, the actor Ulises Toirac, faced with the official silence regarding the victims and missing persons of the fire at the Matanzas Supertanker Base, asked for transparency, commitment and responsibility. its restrained post deserved an answer none other than Humberto López. This disagreeable jurist, who seems hell-bent on becoming Spokesman-in-Chief of the Regime, replied: “There are the three things you ask for and more than enough, there is and should be an additional one, which is respect for family members and their wishes.”

Brave defenders have found the honor and aspirations of the loved ones of the unfortunates vaporized or disappeared in the Matanzas catastrophe! From what was written by the ineffable “Humbertico” we must suppose that the manipulation of the will of the loved ones of the deceased of the Matanzas Super Tanker Base will be the order of the day.

This is what we learned with the case of Mailén Díaz Almaguer. As is known, the young woman from Holguin was the only survivor of an internal flight that the very patriotic and revolutionary Cuban Aviation Company subcontracted to a Mexican pirate company, lacking any moral or aeronautical solvency to deserve it.

When the plane went down, the Castro authorities pretended not to understand. When Mailén had the happy idea of ​​requesting help through the networks to obtain certain supplies that the brand-new “medical power” was not able to assure him, it was “Humbertico” himself who accused her of being “ungrateful”.

I suspect that something similar will now happen with “respect for the relatives” of the deceased and “their will.” The Castroist agitators will take them into account to the extent that they adapt to their plans of erecting the unfortunates sent to die as “revolutionary martyrs.” To the extent that those relatives, with all the reason in the world, openly complain to the communist leaders (as most of them do now on social networks) why they disposed of the lives of their young people with such insensitivity loved ones, “respect” will be forgotten.

This Friday, in the pages of CyberCubacolleague Carlos Cabrera echoes what was declared by an anonymous former firefighter (Modesto). This experienced professional, outraged by the manipulation that the Castroists are trying to make of the tragedy, agreed to be interviewed to help clarify what happened.

As a layman, I am struck by the tranquility with which Modesto accepts that the initiating beam of the tragedy could not have been intercepted by one of the simple gadgets that the great Benjamin Franklin devised in the middle of the 18th century to prevent damage caused by those pernicious electrical discharges: I mean a simple and vulgar lightning rod.

Of course there were at the Super Tanker Base. Only that it is not uncommon that the lack of maintenance has led to the total inoperability of that initial containment barrier. And this despite the fact that just a few weeks before, and a few kilometers from there (at the “Antonio Guiteras” Thermoelectric Power Plant), the failure of another lightning rod caused the paralysis of one of the generating blocks.

Once the fatal discharge had fallen on the first tank, Modesto demonstrated his exhaustive knowledge of all the mechanisms planned to prevent or conjure any start of fire, which he describes in detail. But this didn’t work either: what could have been a simple fire of no great importance turned into a catastrophe of continental proportions.

The words with which the retired firefighter explains the above are astonishing: “The lightning struck, but it did not cause a large fire; what caused the big fire was that the fire system of the facility did not work”. And he adds: “the motorized pump was not activated in automatic mode and no operator managed to activate it, I suspect that it did not have diesel, because the first combat action failed, added to the fact that there was no retardant foam to combat fuel fires in the base system. ”.

Here adolescents enter the scene, simple recruits of the Active Military Service, sent to carry out such complex and dangerous work when they had not yet turned 20 years old. In addition, after having only passed an elementary course of 15 days, which will hardly have been enough to impart some very general notions of the tangled activity of firefighting. A criminal and rogue negligence!

But the issue centers not only on the lack of information; There is also the issue of the necessary equipment. That is why I ask: Did the improvised firefighters have asbestos suits and other suitable elements? Everything indicates that the answer must be negative.

It is the case that nothing less than the Popular Power portal of the province of Matanzas published a post (laudatory, as could only be expected) on the fight against the flames. They illustrated the text with a shocking photo: three perfectly equipped firefighters who, together and in solidarity, operated a hose pointed against the intense red of a live fire.

The lie of the Castro agitators did not last very long. The NGO Prisoners Defenders demonstrated that the truculent image had been taken from information from France! For his part, Modesto informs us: “The firefighters did not have the necessary number of special suits and the existing ones were not in optimal conditions.”

And later he continues: “And that was supremely irresponsible; send a majority of young firefighters with no work experience into the containment pool; This constitutes a violation of security regulations, criminal degree!”. And all for pleasure! A great friend of Modesto told him: “It seemed that the firefighters were playing carts” and “the only ones who did something useful were the pilots; risking their lives.”

We will see if Humberto López and other parrots in the regime will try to continue with the triumphalist and lying rhetoric that they have already begun to use. Or if the resolute rejection expressed on the networks by the loved ones of those condemned by the regime to be exterminated, will leave them wanting this time!

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