The day after Boric: first cabinet, future alliances and emphasis on retaking Escazú take over the agenda

The day after Boric: first cabinet, future alliances and emphasis on retaking Escazú take over the agenda

“Good morning dear Chile! From early on we are working on what is coming. A giant hug and thank you for the mandate with which you have honored me. We continue! ”. With this message on Twitter, the day began on president-elect Gabriel Boric, after his overwhelming victory in the ballot this Sunday in Chile over the candidate of the right, José Antonio Kast.

After being elected by the citizens with more than 55% of the votes, Boric will enter the Palacio de la Moneda on Monday, where he will meet with President Sebastián Piñera at 2:00 p.m. to coordinate what will be the change of command on the next 11 March 2022, in what will be the milestone of this day.

In another message, the president-elect highlighted photographs of the massive celebration in the Alameda, which he defined as a “nice beginning of a new cycle” and appealed to a unified message. “When we come together, with hope and without fear, everything progresses better,” he said.

Boric’s tone was picked up by those close to him. “This election is very important, it speaks volumes about what the people of Chile want. Despite all the lies, the public values ​​this proposal, “he said in T13 the communist deputy Karol Cariola, one of the parliamentarians who turned to work in the field in the final stretch of the campaign.

In the opinion of the deputy, the first national majority in the last parliamentarians, “the fundamental key is the territory, the link with the territory, having gone to look people in the face, face to face, being able to talk with them” .

In this analysis, the factor represented by the former president of the Medical College, Izkia Siches, who left her position to assume the position of the commanding general in the ballot campaign, stands out strongly. “Izkia Siches entered the campaign with enormous energy, with an enormous willingness to be there and tour the country,” he said. The Counter at La Clave the deputy RD Miguel Crispi.

See the statements of Miguel Crispi in El Mostrador in La Clave:

In the opposition ranks there is a coincidence that the key to the victory was that the borders of AD were expanded. “The victory was possible thanks to large majorities that mobilized beyond the parties. They are people who see in the future government, a space for transformations, “commented the Mayor of Valparaíso, Jorge Sharp in Channel 13.

Sharp – who left his old differences with Gabriel Boric in the drawer and squared off with the candidate in the final stretch of the campaign – had an exchange with him former president RN Carlos Larraín in the morning where he accused that “we are in the center of a revolutionary process.” “You are misreading what is happening in the country, the number of people who voted for Gabriel Boric expresses a desire for change, some government has tried to change it is not precisely the people who have generated instability, but rather the power groups that they have never renounced their privileges, “he said.

This is how Crispi also understands it, when analyzing what this victory was. “It has been very vertiginous, but I think it is not only 10 years” what it took the student leaders to come to power. “Gabriel has said it a lot, but it is to take the post” from various social movements, said the RD deputy.

Beyond the borders of Approve Dignity

Meanwhile, in the command of Boric and his allies, the evaluations of the historic electoral day continue, where the presidential candidate prevailed by almost a million votes, became the most voted president in the history of the country and the participation broke records with more than 8,314,173 votes. But they also begin to draw lines on what will be the future administration – including the cabinet – and the axes of the new Government.

From Boric’s command they aspire to continue working on a “policy of alliances in order to carry out a transformative program” and build “a governance pact,” Crispi explained.

This would imply extending the borders of the original coalition that led Gabriel Boric to La Moneda –composed of the Broad Front and the Communist Party-, opening up to the center-left.

“The parties (which were not from Approve Dignity) never asked for anything in return” at the time of working on the candidacy of Gabriel Boric, recalled Deputy Crispi.

From the Socialist Party, a community that the very afternoon of the first round, squared off with Boric “without conditions”, they anticipate that “we will collaborate constructively with the future government, we will not be opposition,” he said this morning the helmsman Álvaro Elizalde.

“We decided to support Gabriel Boric in exchange for nothing: we were the first party that on the afternoon of the first round, when the result was already projected, he indicated that he called Chileans to vote for him,” the senator recalled in Cooperative Radio, reaffirming that “today we are not going to ask for anything in return, because one has to act on the basis of convictions.”

But an eventual broadening of the base of government, the Communist Party – a fundamental partner of Approve Dignity – has something to say. In conversation with Radio Universe, the senator-elect Daniel Núñez (PC) said he was open to expanding the Boric government, but warned that they will not fall into “the old politics” of “consensus with the right”
“We have the will to add for a transformative project. But let’s discuss it. It seems to me that there is space today, as the second one occurred, this was expanded (…) But be careful with those who believe that this expansion is to relativize or to fall into what was the old policy, which was to have consensus with the right, which was what the Concertación did and which also led to a decline in citizen participation in politics, “he said.

As for the formation of the ministerial team, there are already several names that have been thrown into the ring. In this regard, the Boric’s campaign political coordinator, Giorgio Jackson – precisely who appears as a safe name in the future team – only shed light on a key concept: “I am clear that parity is going to be present because it has been Gabriel’s commitment.”

“I am sure that he will have the wisdom to be able to choose the most qualified people for the different positions, seeking balance so that we can have more experienced and older people, young people who come with that energy and vitality, and also different currents of thoughts as independent people that come from civil society, “said Jackson in conversation on Zero Tolerance.

Reforms and foreign policy

In terms of topics, there are several in the folder. Crispi mentions that “the tax reform to be able to finance the health and pension reform I think is going to be the roadmap, that has been the great commitment of this campaign.”

Added to this is the reform of the Carabineros. According to the deputy RD. “We need profound changes so that the police can once again have that prestige, that credibility, and can carry out their function,” said the deputy Miguel Crispi.

In his opinion, with Carabineros work should be done so that “there can be greater control of the Government” in definitions in the police, he added.

Regarding international politics, the person in charge of the area in command, the Senator Juan Ignacio Latorre (RD), He detailed that some emphasis will be placed on gestures to Argentina, Escazú’s signature and pushing a South American joint, as he told Emol.

“We have said that one of the first measures is to get on the Escazú bandwagon,” he commented, in addition to “greater coordination from the south of Latin America looking at the world, Asia and the powers such as China and the United States, but with political autonomy, we want to take that step. “Likewise, another goal is that” there may be an articulation of several progressive governments. “


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