The crossing of Robert Silva with protesters: "If they come to humiliate and be daring, no”

The president of Central Board of Directors (Code) of the National Administration of Public Education (ANEP), Robert Silva, He met the students who attended a new edition of the “Face to face” talks, this time at the Malvín Experimental School.

“If you want to be in the event, everyone is welcome. Now, to distort, shout, humiliate and be daring. If you are going to stay here, listen and then say what you consider to be the truth,” Silva told the protesters who they interrupted with chants and applause a few minutes into the talk.

“You are painted”, “thief”, “cynical”, “liar”, “parasite”, “oligarch” and “facho” were some of the adjectives that were shouted from the public to the president of the code protesters who identified themselves as part of the Coordination of Education and Training Guilds.

After being booed while speaking, the hierarch asked “respect” and explained that the slogan sought “dialogue with the community.”

“This is not your place,” he sentenced.

Prior to the event, Silva declared at a press conference that the existence of demonstrations “confirms the need to maintain” the meetings “to listen to everyone’s voice and that they also listen to us.”

“We have had meetings with many groups of students and teachers. For the first time we have made a consultation with the families of public education. I believe that we cannot generate more spheres of participation”.

The protesters who awaited the arrival of the chief with signs, drums, chants and applause entered the talk that took place in the school’s events room.

In addition to teacher training students, they also attended the meeting parents of students from this and other schools who were curious about the change that will be implemented in their children’s education.

Among other issues, the parents questioned the term in which it is planned to impose the change and the difference with private educationthe time teachers will have for learn and the budget involved in the transformation.

The answers on the budget were divided between the parties of the table and it was clarified by the Codicen that there will be no differential term for private entities.

Anyway, there was no shortage of cries of “you didn’t answer anything” or “answer the question”.

The cycle has already generated several crosses with those who oppose the change. the most tense it was lived in the one that took place in the Casa Cultural del Cerro where they broke the glass of the truck in which Silva was traveling, last September 1st.

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