The Comptroller's Office discovers new negligence in the construction of the riverside defense of the Sicra River

The Comptroller’s Office discovers new negligence in the construction of the riverside defense of the Sicra River

In a report issued by the Comptroller, they detail a negligence that puts the population and the work itself at high risk.

In the Control Milestone Report No. 29291-2021-CG/GRHV-SCC of December 16, 2021, they detail that there is excess material accumulated in the riverbed, the same that, in the absence of its elimination, could cause overflows and more floods.

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With this negligence, they would be affecting the physical integrity of the population, due to the increase in the riverbed, a product of the rainy season that is recorded in the region at this time. In addition, excess payments could be made for work not executed.

As if that were not enough, they also noticed deficiencies in the concrete structure of the retaining walls on both banks, which is evidenced by the detachment of concrete just by touching it; there are also empty spaces, which would not guarantee the resistance and durability of the hydraulic structures.

The filling and compacting work of the material used in the retaining walls on the left bank would not comply with what is established in the plans and technical specifications of the technical file, due to the use of non-selected material with the presence of boulders (large stones ) and which could cause possible settlements along the sections.

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At the height of negligence, they do not take care of the material either, because they found construction materials such as steel, wires, PVC pipes, wood for formwork, which are found on the surface of the ground, exposed to environmental agents, such as sudden changes of temperature, humidity, sunlight, rain, among others and possible losses and thefts by third parties.

It should be noted that during 2020 and 2021 the Comptroller’s Office issued several control reports regarding this work, finding 27 adverse situations, of which eight persist to date.

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The control authority notified the Huancavelica Regional Government of this new situation in order for it to adopt corrective measures.

In total there are 46 million soles is the investment in the aforementioned work, which is expected since 2017.

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