The Comptroller abstains and will not refer to deputy Monsalve’s incompatibility to assume the Undersecretary of the Interior

The Comptroller abstains and will not refer to deputy Monsalve's incompatibility to assume the Undersecretary of the Interior

The Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic dismissed his statement on the request that originated in the Chamber of Deputies regarding whether parliamentarian Manuel Monsalve (PS) can assume or not as Undersecretary of the Interior in the future Government of the President-elect, Gabriel Boric.

The measure, which was made at the request of deputy Juan Antonio Coloma (UDI), was carried out with the intention of being able to establish whether or not there are incompatibilities in the appointment of Monsalve, who still has a current position in Congress.

March 9 is the day that Monsalve must assume the Undersecretary of the Interior. However, the constitutional norm only limits the parliamentary nominations in office in the positions of ministers or diplomatic representatives.

According to La Tercera slogan, the Comptroller’s Office “refrains from issuing the required pronouncement through an official letter of deputy secretary of the Chamber of Deputies and Deputies, the reason that it indicates,” the document details.

“In this regard, it complies with stating that, in accordance with the provisions of article 9, No. 1, of resolution No. 6, of 2019, of this origin, the supreme decrees on personnel matters signed by the President of the Republic are affected by the prior control of legality before this Supervisory Body, through the decision-making process, ”adds the text.

Likewise, the Comptroller’s Office did not close the doors to the request. “The legality of the appointment by which it is consulted will be reviewed in due course, that is, when that determination has been adopted by the President of the Republic and the respective supreme decree is submitted to the decision-making process, not being possible to issue a advance opinion on a decision that has not yet been adopted by the authority”, he concludes.

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