The company Grupo Altair SA was awarded by G. 5,987,887,250

In the course of the morning the DNCP published that the company Grupo Altair SA was awarded for a total value of G. 5,987,887,250, managed to win the tender for the Acquisition of Goods for the Pgn 2022 School Lunch – Pluriannual 2022-2023 with the ID 404,557. For this tender, offers began to be received on Monday, December 20, 2021.

Departmental Government of Alto Paraguay (GOBALTOPY) was the institution in charge of carrying out the Call for Tenders No. 404,557 under the category of Food products, by the type of National Public Bidding procedure.

The aforementioned institution awarded 5 items.

  • 338470 units of Liquid Whole Milk with a unit price of G. 7,500
  • 601825 units of Cereal/Cereal Preparation with a unit price of G. 1,800
  • 592775 units of Turron de Mani with a unit price of G. 2,360
  • 497750 units of Rosquita with a unit price of G. 963
  • 497750 units of Bee Honey with a unit price of G. 980

The aforementioned firm has Patricia Carolina Rivas and Maria Benita Benitez Ruiz Diaz as legal representatives.

Grupo Altair SA was the only company that submitted to the call.

Source: DNCP

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