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The cloudy “transparency” of Castroism

Havana Cuba. — The lawyer and journalist Humberto Lopez He said on NTV: “We will give the information with total transparency,” referring to the trial in London of the Cuban government for non-payment of debt.

The official spokesman had a grim face. However, a movement of the corner of his lips to the right, like a smile, suggested something cloudy.

Humberto López accentuated his speech bubble when talking about high-level officials who were tried, but he did not mention names, convictions or the date of the trial.

Neither did he dedicate a word to Marta Wilson Gonzales, Minister President of the Central Bank of Cuba, the main entity involved before the London Court.

The haze covers the incident

All the talk about “total transparency” by Humberto López brought up Karel, a resident of Central Havana who lost a leg in the war in Angola when he was 17 years old, the haze that covers the situation of Cuban doctors Landy Rodríguez Hernández and Assel Herrera Correa, kidnapped by Somali Islamist militias for four years. During this time the regime has only said that it is making “untiring efforts” to return them home. However, there is no proof that they are alive.

Is Humberto López referring to that type of cloudy transparency? Because that is what the regime it serves is accustomed to.

The Cubans found out from other sources about the trial for late payment of government debts. The official press only spoke of the issue after January 15, and it did so by disqualifying the court and calling the plaintiffs “vulture funds.”

Created in 1997, the Central Bank of Cuba has been in debt with the London Club since 2018 and refuses to pay, although creditors made offers to reduce the debt by up to 60 percent. Hence the dispute between the creditors and the Cuban State, which began on January 23.

When the ineffable Humberto López, deputy to the National Assembly and affiliated with the Communist Party, talks about transparency, does he remember how issues such as the Rio Zaza case or the plane crash that occurred in Havana in May were handled in the official media? of 2018?

In the case of Alimentos Rio Zaza, in which the Chilean Max Marambio, General Rogelio Acevedo and the former Minister of the Food Industry, Alejandro Roca, among others, were involved, the information provided was squalid.

There was also not much information about the plane crash that killed more than 100 people. That tragedy uncovered the pot of irresponsibility of the Cuban Civil Aviation authorities by renting an aircraft in poor technical condition. But this was later learned from the statements of the former pilot Ovidio Martínez, who revealed that there had already been incidents with the Mexican company that owned the plane and that there was an aeronautical safety file recommending not to lease that company’s planes. In addition, Guyana had suspended its operating permits due to irregularities and problems with the aircraft that ended up crashing in Santiago de las Vegas.

Does anyone believe that in order to achieve transparency about this tragedy, Rogelio Polanco Fuentes, communist ideologue and commander in chief of Castro’s disinformation, will authorize to open the drawer of Cubana de Aviación’s problems and let the cockroaches out?

In this desire for transparency, will the Minister of the Interior, General Lázaro Alberto Álvarez Casas, and the Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, Army Corps General Álvaro López Miera, allow themselves to lift the cloak of secrecy over the part of the State budget that they consume? the armed institutions that they preside over?

Gladys Bejerano, the matron of the tapiñanga of the Castro oligarchs through her headquarters in the Comptroller General of the Republic, in a fit of senile decency will she say where the foreign accounts of the front men of the royal family of the Castro?

If we know about these improbabilities and many others, why believe Humberto López when he assures that there will be transparency about the London Trial? Don’t kid us. Rather we should expect misinformation, or, at best, omissions, many omissions.

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